Joe used another contestant, Juelia, for her rose so that he could stay on the show until Samantha arrived

By Aurelie Corinthios
Updated August 17, 2015 09:00 PM

We’re starting to wonder if this show should be called Bachelor in Paradise or Joe the Villain in Paradise.

On Monday’s episode, the JoeJueliaSamantha saga continued as it was finally officially revealed that Samantha was in on the whole scheme with Joe from the beginning (to recap: Joe used Juelia to get her rose in order to stay on the show until Samantha – to whom he had been talking for more than a month before the show starting filming – arrived in Mexico).

Joe Is Public Enemy No. 1 – and Samantha Is Right There with Him

The latest installment picked up where Sunday’s episode left off, with Juelia taking Samantha aside to tell her all the details about Joe’s disrespectful behavior since arriving on the show.

Much to Juelia’s shock, Samantha was completely unfazed by the account, brushing Juelia aside and refusing to talk about any of it unless Joe was present.

“It’s so silly, like her calling him out for feeling like they had more than what was really there,” Samantha said in an on-camera interview. “It’s a little bit too much drama, and I’m over it.”

Samantha immediately ran off to find Joe and tell him about the conversation and the two spent time together holding hands, canoodling and making out.

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Meanwhile, Tanner and Jared – who were both contestants on Kaitlyn Bristowe‘s season of the The Bachelorette with Joe – couldn’t believe what a “villain” he’d turned into. Tanner, who said that the consensus of the house was now that Joe is “Public Enemy No. 1,” revealed that Joe had personally shown him screenshots of text messages from Samantha to Joe that were sent before the show started filming and of Samantha telling him to “do whatever it takes to still be there” until she arrived.

The two men then went to confront Joe, who was with Samantha in one of the bedrooms. Joe refused to talk to them, and Samantha pushed out Jared, Tanner and even the camera crew.

However, what Samantha didn’t realize was that the cameraman was still filming the two in the bedroom from a covered-up angle.

“Listen, I just interviewed,” she whispered. “I said we didn’t talk. I said, ‘I didn’t even know he was interested in me.’ I said, ‘I didn’t want to say anything about anything. He didn’t ask me anything, and I didn’t ask him anything.’ ”

Samantha was also heard instructing Joe on the shaky camera footage: “Maybe you can just say, ‘I contacted her, she didn’t want to know anything about me and we waited and it worked out really well, thank God,’ ” and adding, “but I don’t think you should come across defensive like you are right now.”

At this exact moment, Samantha noticed the camera, and her voice immediately dropped to an unintelligible volume as she mumbled to Joe that they were being filmed. She then walked up to the door and shut it in the cameraman’s face.

While this discussion was happening, the footage cut back and forth between shots of Samantha whispering in the room with Joe and shots of the interview in question, which showed Samantha lying to the producers about how much contact she and Joe had prior to the show – dramatically revealing that Samantha had been in on the entire scheme with Joe from the beginning. Hats off to the talented video editors at ABC for that one.

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The Onion Queen Is Back: Ashley S. Shows Her Crazy Side

On Sunday night’s episode, Dan broke up with Ashley S. – but she still had hopes that she would be getting his rose since he hadn’t formed any connections with any of the other girls on the show.

That all changed this week when Amber (from Chris Soules‘ season of The Bachelor) arrived, and the very first thing she said was that she was hoping Dan would be at the house in Mexico.

Amber ended up asking Dan out on her date, and after some back-and-forth between Amber and Ashley S., he accepted.

What made it even harder to watch Ashley S. cry over Dan was that it turned out she and Amber are actually close friends from being on Soules’ season together.

“Do you know what makes me mad?” said Ashley S. to Dan. “The fact that you’re such a man but couldn’t be a man to me.” Ouch.

Dan and Amber’s date ended up going amazingly well, and try as he may have, Dan couldn’t help but make out with her.

“I didn’t expect to kiss anyone tonight,” said Dan in an interview. “I was going to make a concerted effort not to make out tonight, but I couldn’t help myself. It’s so intense that it’s exciting.”

“I feel very disrespected by Dan,” Ashley S. told producers. “Dan never explained any change, and he came on so strong at first that it’s such a let-down. I have very strong feelings and he has none.”

My heart hurt for Ashley S. in this episode, it really did. Obviously distraught by the breakup, she reverted back to the "crazy Ashley" behavior that earned her the "onion girl" title in the first place.

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Megan Dates JJ: ‘This Is the Quickest I’ve Ever Been Wet on a First Date’

JJ got his very first date this week when he and Megan boarded a yacht and rode around the coast Puerto Vallarta together on a jet ski.

JJ, who has consistently been giving some of this season’s best quotes, may have met his match in Southern belle Megan.

“If it turns out to be a really good date, you never know, he may be motor-boating me,” she giggled, adding that this was the quickest she’d “ever been wet on a first date.”

JJ, of course, had to throw in his 2 cents: “Even though we’re different intellectually, every time I look at her I think she’s gorgeous.” We get it JJ, you used to be an investment banker but aren’t you currently unemployed?

All jokes aside though, JJ really is growing on me. When he returned from his date, Tanner and Jared gave him the rundown on what had happened with Joe, and JJ was the only one of all the guys that really stood up for Juelia by actually calling out Joe for his behavior to his face.

“What planet am I on where I would have came into paradise thinking I like JJ better than Joe right now?” says Jared. “What is going on? Joe Bailey, from America’s Sweetheart to America’s Most Wanted in one week flat.”

“He’s justifying the fact that he lied to Juelia to get that rose. Juelia wasted her rose and the opportunity to find love on a guy that had zero intentions of ever liking her,” said Tanner, the voice of reason (seriously, I love him). “He tricked her, he lied to her and he used her.”

After Joe called JJ the “dumbest guy” he’s met in his life and walked away, JJ got aggressive.

“Get the f— up here, you little s–t,” he yelled after Joe. “Let’s go.”

The episode ended on a dramatic note with JJ threatening to “make [Joe] look like the hillbilly he is because he’s going to go home with about four missing f—ing teeth.” Ding, ding, ding! Let’s do this.

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