'BiP' 's Joe Amabile and Kendall Long Open Up About a Future Engagement — and Adopting a Puppy!

"It's fun to talk about our future together," says Bachelor in Paradise's Kendall Long of her boyfriend Joe Amabile

They’ve been dating over a year, and now, Joe Amabile and Kendall Long are ready to take the next step.

“We’re adopting a puppy!” Long, who met Amabile (also known as “Grocery Store Joe”) on Bachelor in Paradise in 2018, tells PEOPLE. “We’re in a place where we want to own a dog together and start a little family.”

And don’t worry, an engagement is also on the horizon. “We’re not engaged yet,” says Amabile. “But I’m a sporadic person. I might just wake up one day and say, ‘Okay, I’m ready to do it!’ ”

Either way, says Long, “It’s fun to talk about our future together.”

Joe Amabile and Kendall Long
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And it’s been a journey thus far. Amabile initially left Paradise devastated after Long ended things before she had a change of heart — and the couple has been happily together since.

“Our relationship was so public,” admits Long, 27. “But having a public relationship made us a lot stronger because it forced us to be upfront. It helped us expedite our feelings and move forward.”

Fittingly, the couple has recently partnered with SEEN Dating, a revolutionary new app in which every interaction between users, including text messages and video chats, are recorded and posted in real time.

“It is very transparent,” says Long. “You can see in the window of how these relationships are going. It stands apart from all the other dating apps.” Adds Amabile, 38: “It does a good job of exposing people who are there for the wrong reasons. It gets rid of the ghosters!”

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Founder Mike Montgomery says he hopes the app will help daters find more honest relationships. “There is no catfishing or ghosting. This thing actually works as a dating experience.”

As for Long and Amabile, life offscreen is pretty sweet so far.

“We’re pretty used to it at this point,” says Amabile. “We are with each other all the time and we enjoy every day together. It’s been wonderful.”

Adds Long: “Ever since the beginning we were completely honest. And we never get bored of each other!”

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