A couple of the most recent evictees from the Bachelorette mansion will join fellow franchise alums in the search for love

Credit: Francisco Roman/ABC/Getty

Kaitlyn Bristowe had another sob-filled night on Monday’s Bachelorette, and that meant saying goodbye to several of her suitors. Happily, two of those guys can console themselves with sun, sand and singles when they join the season 2 cast of Bachelor in Paradise.

Without further ado, the newest two tickets to Paradise belong to …

JJ Lane and Tanner Tolbert

Though 32-year-old JJ presumably won’t reunite with Bachelorette buddy Clint Arlis, a.k.a. the other half of the Brokeback Bachelor bromance, the self-proclaimed villain will certainly fill a niche in producers’ eyes. That said, the former investment banker might arouse host Chris Harrison‘s suspicions if his focus is more on fame (or infamy) than love.

Put it in your planner! The auto finance manager from Kansas City, Missouri, does not care for a lady who “can’t hold a conversation or gets sloppy drunk.” He also deeply fears the possibility of “my date not liking me as much as I like her.” We’re pretty sure that just described at least half the scenarios on BiP, so good luck to you! If handsome looks and casket-side poetry skills count for anything, though, Tanner has a strong chance of making it to the end.

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