Jared Haibon Says He Empathizes with Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson After Split: 'It's Tough'

"I feel bad because nobody wants to have to have been the ones to announce that they potentially could be getting a divorce," Jared Haibon tells PEOPLE

Bachelor in Paradise stars Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti are supporting their pals Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson following their split.

After meeting on season 5 and tying the knot on season 6 of the ABC reality series this summer, Randone and Nielson, both 32, announced their separation earlier this month.

“It’s just really sad. Whenever someone gets married, you hope that they can persevere and fight through any disagreements or problems they have in their relationship,” says Haibon. “But unfortunately it seemed like it got the best of them. Having said that, they said that they announced that they’re separated, not getting a divorce, so I’m not sure.”

Bachelor in Paradise CHRIS RANDONE, KRYSTAL NIELSON, Jared Haibon
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Haibon and Iaconetti, who are working with Prizeo to raise money for Ronald McDonald House Los Angeles and give one lucky winner a chance to go on a double date with them, went on to note that they are “hoping for whatever makes them happy the most individually.”

“Of course, that’s the most important thing,” Haibon says. “Would I love to see them get back together? Absolutely, but I also want what’s best for them as individuals before they can decide when they’re best together.”

“It’s really tough,” he says. “I feel bad because nobody wants to have to have been the ones to announce that they potentially could be getting a divorce and that’s what they had to do and it really just sucks.”

Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone
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Iaconetti, 31, notes that Randone and Nielson likely struggled due to being from two different parts of the country. “They came out about that issue that they had six months before their wedding, after the wedding.”

“So I wasn’t even aware that they had issues throughout that year,” she says. “Also, we didn’t get closer to them until the spring time. So I wasn’t even aware of those issues. But I think what fans want to think of them as chick flick fairytales, the relationships, but they’re still regular marriages. There’s good days and bad days and all that.”

Randone and Nielson announced their split on Valentine’s Day after eight months of marriage. Five days later, Nielson elaborated on why the couple felt the decision was the “right move.”

The BiP alumna said she knew their “conscious separation” would be hard to explain, but that she also knew they “care so deeply about one another that we were willing to take the risk, as WE feel that this is the right move for US.”

“Were we ready? No. Did we feel pressure? Absolutely. Does it hurt to hear and read comments and judgments? Deeply. But we are choosing love and compassion over anger and fear,” she wrote.

On Feb. 15, Randone moved out and on to an “exciting adventure in Florida,” Nielson said in the post, and added that she’s “so proud of him for making big moves.” She also updated that she remains at home in San Diego with their two dogs, Wayne and Chucky.

“We are open to where our heart calls us to be next,” she wrote.

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