"We are so busy. Our schedules are already insane," Hannah Godwin exclusively tells PEOPLE
Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour engagement party
Credit: Diana Rose

After falling in love on the beaches of Bachelor in Paradise, Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour have settled into an easy groove away from the cameras.

The reality stars — who celebrated their engagement with family and friends at a surprise bash last weekend — say they prefer quiet weekends grabbing coffee, wearing sweats and binging their favorite shows, like Temptation Island and, of course, The Bachelor. (Barbour’s pal Peter Weber is the lead, and Godwin’s friend from home in Alabama, Hannah Ann Sluss, has made his final three.) They’re also focused on their careers; he’s a tech entrepreneur who founded Vizer, an app that rewards users for exercising by donating meals to the San Diego Food Bank and offering freebies from other businesses. She’s a popular influencer, model and brand ambassador boasting 1.5 million followers on Instagram.

For those reasons, they’ve been living apart, commuting back and forth from San Diego and Los Angeles to see each other three to four times a week, in addition to luxurious vacations together to destinations like the Maldives.

“I would say more often than not, we’re together more than couples that live in the same city that don’t live together, to be honest,” Barbour, 25, tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview.

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour engagement party
Credit: Diana Rose
Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour engagement party
Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour
| Credit: Diana Rose

“Preferably we would be living in the same [city], under the same roof,” adds Godwin, also 25. “We talk about it all the time, just how important and crucial it is to be working on each of our careers right now. We don’t want to have any undercover or deep-rooted resentment or something for making a decision too early about where we’re going to be. I feel like Dylan feels like he has a little home here in L.A., and I feel like I have a little home in San Diego right now. That’s what it’s feeling like, which has been nice.”

They’re also not rushing down the aisle — contrary to the groom-to-be’s jokes.

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“The wedding’s next week,” he teases. “We’re moving to Tahiti. We’re going to have 10 kids. I’m going to open up a surf shop and that’s how we’re going to make a living.”

Truthfully, Barbour says they feel “no pressure, really” to get married anytime soon. “We’re just having a blast doing whatever we want,” he says.

“It takes a lot of time to plan a wedding,” Godwin explains. “We are so busy. Our schedules are already insane.”

Despite fellow Paradise alumni Kendall Long and Joe Amabile‘s split last month, and Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone‘s separation after almost eight months of marriage, Barbour and Godwin are confident in their connection.

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“I think every relationship is different so I don’t want to compare ours to any other one,” Barbour says. “We’ve hung out with both of them. So I think for us, it’s just about … I don’t know. We remove ourselves from a lot of things. We focus on each other versus pretty much anything else. Then communication and effort, too. That’s what people forget, just how much effort it takes to make a relationship actually work. So that’s just what we do. But yeah, it’s obviously hard to see people break up and go through that.”

Says Godwin: “It’s definitely hard, but all of these people signed up to find their person. They’re fine, but it’s not for them, and sometimes it’s with somebody, sometimes it’s not. But you really literally can’t compare any relationship.”