September 07, 2016 04:00 PM

No tattoo regrets here! Grant Kemp and Lace Morris, who famously got matching ink on one of their Bachelor in Paradise dates, are still going strong two months after the finale.

“They’re living together in San Francisco,” says an insider. “Lace moved [from Denver] to be with him.”

And now the engaged couple (affectionately known as “Grace”) are looking forward to the next step. “They want to get married soon,” says the insider.

Lace Morris and Grant Kemp
Rick Rowell/ABC
Grant Kemp and Lace Morris
Rick Rowell/ABC

At least one fellow betrothed Paradise couple is all for those nuptials.

“Grant and Lace are very genuine,” says Evan Bass, who himself proposed with a stunning pink sparkler to Carly Waddell.

“They went through a rocky patch, and they got through it on the other side,” he adds. “I think Grant’s maturity and how he handled Lace was a lesson for all guys. They’re amazing. I definitely think they’ll get married!”

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