September 06, 2016 09:00 PM

Bachelor nation, we have arrived at the finish line.

The second half of the Bachelor in Paradise season finale aired Tuesday, and it basically put last season’s to shame.

Why’s that? Not that we don’t love Jade and Tanner, but this time, fans got to watch not one, not two, but three couples get engaged after just a few short weeks of dating in Mexico. (At this rate, we’re now expecting a full-blown, televised, all-cast wedding next summer. Looking at you, Mike Fleiss.)

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched Tuesday’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, details will be revealed ahead.


They may not have had the most conventional path to romance, but the morning after their Fantasy Suite date, Evan and Carly woke up as blissful as ever together. Carly even thinks Evan’s terrible rapping skills are funny. If that’s not love, what is?

Evan: Carly’s changed my life by accepting every part of me.

She really has. Man boobs and all!

After picking out an engagement ring with Neil Lane, it was finally time for Evan to pop the question.

Evan Bass
Rick Rowell/ABC

The proposal took place on the beach, and Evan and Carly exchanged lines like “I feel like my heart beats to your soul” and “You make me want to be fearless.” But nothing, nothing topped Evan’s actual proposal.

Evan: Carly Waddell, will you freaking marry me?!

Yup. That happened. Evan’s ability to be completely lame at all times truly knows no bounds.


Evan and Carly
Rick Rowell/ABC

That being said, Carly said yes – and if you forget about the fact that she threw up after their first kiss, these two actually make a cute couple.


Grant woke up in the Fantasy Suite feeling “weird in a bad way,” which is probably not how you want to feel the morning before proposing to your future wife. (Or maybe the matching tattoos they got were getting infected. Who knows.)

Lace, meanwhile, started crying because she had no idea what Grant was planning on doing and/or because she was still drunk from the night before.

Lace: Why did we get tattoos if we’re just going to wake up the next morning and question if we’re going to get engaged or not???

That is an excellent question, Lace. In fact, we’re going to stop you right at “Why did we get tattoos?”

Grant Kemp
Rick Rowell/ABC

Regardless of his hesitations, Grant went ahead and picked out an engagement ring with Neil Lane anyway – and then it was time for him to make up his mind.

Grant, five seconds before proposing:


Spoiler alert: He still proposed, and she said yes, so go figure. Either way, we’re rooting for these two crazy cats.

Grant Kemp and Lace Morris
Rick Rowell/ABC


Nick and Jen woke up in the Fantasy Suite feeling great.

Nick: It is truly amazing what private alone time does for a relationship.

We get it, you had sex.

Even though Nick had been fairly lukewarm about the relationship leading up to this point, Jen said she felt closer to him more than ever and could see a proposal happening.

Nick apparently did too, because he went to pick out a ring with Neil Lane.

Nick Viall
Rick Rowell/ABC

Neil Lane: How many times am I going to see you again?!
Nick: Hopefully never, ha-ha!

LOL sike. You’re going to see him in a few months when he’s filming The Bachelor, Neil!

When Nick and Jen reunited at the beach for the fateful moment later that day, however, things took a turn.

Jen: I’ve fallen in love with you, and I want to continue to fall if you’re willing to catch me.
Nick: *ugly-cries*

This was painfully awkward. Nick went on to tell Jen that while he wanted to tell her he was in love with her, something in his heart wouldn’t let him and was telling him it was time to say goodbye. (Side note: Nick is a terrible fake crier.)

Nick: My biggest fear is that I’m going to regret it. I just feel like you deserve better than me.
*long, awkward silence*
Jen: K.

^No joke, she actually said “K.”

No but really, poor Jen was totally blindsided. She wasted her cutest outfit in Paradise for this?!

Then the two walked out together crying, said goodbye and left in separate cars. Serious question: Did they end up at the same airport? How does that work?


Josh and Amanda‘s Fantasy Suite date went perfectly, but that wasn’t a huge surprise since these two had already been sleeping in the same bed on the show for quite some time.

That being said, Josh began to raise some of his concerns about heading into a proposal, namely regarding the fact that Amanda has two daughters whom he wants to be mindful of considering how fast their relationship was moving.

Josh Murray
Rick Rowell/ABC

Josh: On the day I was proposing last time, I definitely had reservations and I definitely don’t want to make the mistakes I made in the past.

^Real subtle shade thrown at Andi Dorfman there. Real subtle.

Of course, he still ended up proposing – and Amanda said yes.

Josh: It’s so pretty on you. There’s diamonds everywhere!

Who says that???

OH MY GOD JOSH’S SHIRT WAS COMPLETELY SOAKED THROUGH. How can someone be so sweaty, how?

Josh: This is the best woman in the world. Seriously. Like, there is no better. None. Ever.
Amanda: You’re the sweetest. You’re perfect. You’re like, my dream guy.

Amanda and Josh
Rick Rowell/ABC


The best part? All three engaged couples are still happily together – and busy planning their weddings.

… And that’s a wrap. See you next summer, you beautiful disasters.

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