BIP's Demi Burnett Opens Up About Split from Slater Davis over 'Toxic' Trust Issues

According to the reality star, quarantining together "messed up" their relationship

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Demi Burnett and Slater Davis. Photo: PHOTO: DEMI BURNETT/INSTAGRAM

Demi Burnett is opening up about her complicated relationship with Slater Davis.

The former Bachelor in Paradise star kicked off the latest episode of her Big Demi Energy podcast with the news of their split, admitting that her week "has not been the best."

"I recently broke up with my boyfriend," she said. "I love him, I'm crazy about him, he's wonderful, and it's just been really hard. But we are wanting to work on ourselves and we are still very good friends. It's just never fun whenever you're going through that."

Burnett, 25, confirmed her relationship with the musician, 25, on Instagram in February. They were inseparable for the next few months, with Burnett moving into his family's home in Calabasas, California, during the U.S. coronavirus outbreak in March.

On the podcast, Burnett said self-isolating together "essentially really messed up our relationship."

"Being with somebody who you just met like, a month ago, and then spending every single day together, both of us going stir-crazy and not being ourselves, not doing our normal routines, it really gets to people," she said.

Burnett said the two handled the situation differently.

"I was pretty okay with it," she said. "I'm actually enjoying the break, whereas he was working on his music and doing all these things and trying to get somewhere. And he can't do all the things that he's been planning on doing because of quarantine, so he's frustrated and I'm like, chilling. ... I'm like, 'I would love to lay in bed all day.' And he's like, 'Laying in bed all day makes me feel terrible.' "

"Quarantine really has damaged so many relationships," she added. "I know several people that have broken up because of it."

Demi Burnett, Slater Davis
Demi Burnett/Instagram

According to Burnett, the two struggled with trust issues.

"It's toxic on every level, whenever you get to that point where you're questioning everything each other's doing. It's a trust thing," she said. "If you can't trust each other, you're never going to have a relationship, and I know I did everything I could to be trustworthy. I know I was up to nothing, I was always f---ing loyal, everything was about Slater. But if you have trust issues, you're still going to question everything. And I questioned everything he was doing, he questioned everything I was doing."

"You have to have this maturity that I didn't have and that he didn't have, and something that I look forward to in my next relationship, whether me and him decide to work it out, or whether it's with somebody else," she added.

Demi Burnett, Slater Davis
Demi Burnett/Instagram

Burnett said she's learned that for a relationship to work, you have to "actually let your guard down, let yourself trust somebody, which is really hard to do."

Still, she said she was hesitant to "declare it right now as a breakup," noting that the two are still spending time together.

"He's actually going to be coming over once I get done with this, because he has to bring me all my stuff back from his house," she said.

Burnett's relationship with Slater came after her split from Kristian Haggerty. The two, who marked the Bachelor franchise's first same-sex couple, got engaged on the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise last year. They confirmed they had called it quits with a joint statement in October.

Last month, Burnett told PEOPLE her relationship with Slater was "stronger than ever."

"It's been nice getting to spend so much time together and getting to know each other so much better," she said. "We're getting to learn how each other lives and how to work through whenever we are getting on each other's nerves, and be better at that."

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