"I wish you happiness. I hope that someday we cannot be connected with this nasty cloud over us," Jackson told Olympios on the BiP season 4 finale

Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson want nothing but happiness for one another.

For the first time since Bachelor in Paradise production was shut down earlier this summer following their sex scandal, Olympios and Jackson came face-to-face on Monday evening’s season 4 finale.

Olympios was the first to join host Chris Harrison on the BiP couch before Jackson joined the duo to discuss the scandal that halted production and launched an internal investigation.

In June, production on season 4 was temporarily suspended after two show producers voiced their concerns after a sexual encounter between Olympios and Jackson was caught on camera. Warner Bros. initiated an investigation of the alleged misconduct, all the contestants were sent home, and Olympios and Jackson both retained legal counsel. WB later determined no misconduct had occurred.

Here’s what the castmates had to say to one another when they spoke for the first time at the finale reunion taping.

Chris Harrison: How are you feeling?

COlympios: I feel really good. I’m feeling a lot better and I’m just much happier.

What was the response immediately after everybody got to hear your side and DeMario’s side as well?

Olympios: The response has been good. I think a lot of the misinformation and the misunderstandings were explained and, you know, there’s no hard feelings between me and DeMario and I always wish him well and the best.

Last you and I talked, you hadn’t seen DeMario. Have you seen or talked to him since?

Olympios: No, no I haven’t.

Is there something that you want?

Olympios: I’d love to see him.

He’s here today. Can we bring him out?

Olympios: Yeah.

Thank you guys. It’s good to have you both here to have a chance to chat. This is the first time you guys have seen each other and talked to each other since that final night in Paradise when everything was shut down, right?

Jackson: Correct.

What do you have to say to each other?

Olympios: Hi.

Jackson: Haha. How are you?

Olympios: I’m good — I’m better.How are you?

Jackson: The same. It’s been an interesting summer. Throughout the whole time I just wanted to make sure that you were alright. I know on my end it was kind of crazy being in the middle of all of this madness and I’m just happy that you’re doing well.

Olympios: Thank you. I really appreciate that. I do wish we could have communicated and reached out to each other. I think it would have been a lot easier on both of us. Everybody felt like they were experts on our lives and experts on the situation and knew exactly what happened and this and that and they didn’t. Nobody did.

Jackson: I’m just happy to kind of be putting this past us and for our families to no longer suffer.

Where do you two go from here?

Jackson: I’m going back to therapy. My therapist has been my homie throughout all of this. For me, even though I knew who I was, I kind of lost that. I lost touch of my happiness — my smile. So I’m just trying to not be as weird and awkward as I am in public, because everybody’s looking at you. That’s where I’m at.

Olympios: Therapy has been really good for me too. It’s helped me make sense of things. I’m just trying to get back to my old self — you know, getting back into my fashion line designing, so I’m just trying to get back to normal.

I’m glad you guys came here today. Before we wrap it up, is there anything you would like to say to each other?

Jackson: I wish you happiness. I hope that someday we cannot be connected with this nasty cloud over us.

Olympios: I think the cloud has cleared. It’s now sunny.

Recently, Olympios told PEOPLE that she regrets mixing medication with alcohol that ill-fated night.

As for Jackson?

“I’m still going to be me,” he said. “I’m working very hard on just building back up my spirits. This summer took a lot out of me. I’m not going to let this get me down. I’m never going to stoop down and I’m never going to be something they want me to be. I’m going to be who I am and that’s my whistleblowing, crazy, fun-loving self.”