Although their segment didn't air on the Bachelor in Paradise reunion, former couple Clay Harbor and Nicole Lopez-Alvar did sit down with host Chris Harrison

Following their dramatic split on Bachelor in Paradise, Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Clay Harbor were noticeably absent from the show’s season 6 reunion.

On Tuesday evening, Bachelor Nation watched as Lopez-Alvar ended her relationship with Harbor, 32, on the finale episode when he admitted on the beach in Mexico that he couldn’t yet profess his love to her, despite her being in love with him.

While audiences watched as four fellow BiP couples — Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour; Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty; Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski; and Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones — gave updates on their relationships to Chris Harrison on the reunion couches, viewers didn’t see Lopez-Alvar and Harbor take the hot seat.

But despite speculation that Lopez-Alvar and Harbor didn’t attend, the pair did in fact sit down with the longtime Bachelor franchise host and discussed their breakup.

“Yes I was at the reunion they chose not to show my convo with Nicole. I basically explained why I didn’t think we were far enough along to get engaged and that I really did want to continue to date and wished her luck with her new relationship. #didntmissmuch,” Harbor tweeted on Tuesday night. (Lopez-Alvar revealed during their filmed reunion segment that she is now dating someone new.)

When Bachelor Nation’s Ashley Iaconetti tweeted that it was “weird” that their segment was “cut out,” Harbor further addressed their footage not airing.

Nicole Lopez-Alvar, Clay Harbor
| Credit: ABC/John Fleenor

“Me: I’ll be on vacation planned 6 months ago with college friends. Producers: you really need to be there ppl will want to know what happened. Me: Okay I’ll cancel vaca and make it. Producers: [blank],” he tweeted.

Sharing a photo of the duo sitting down at the reunion, Harbor also quipped, “Maybe the reason our convo got cut out was my polka dot jacket,” alongside a facepalm emoji.

He also shared a photo of them from the finale on Instagram, writing, “Photographic evidence that I made it to reunion. #hatersgonnasayitsfake #picoritdidnthappen.”

Speaking with Harrison during their segment, Lopez-Alvar admitted that she was blindsided by Harbor, alleged that he led her on and that she was about to be “Angela 2.0,” referencing his ex Angela Amezcua, who joined the BiP cast after running into Harbor at Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson’s nuptials in Mexico.

As for the former NFL star, he admitted that he did want to leave the Mexico beach with her, but was upset that she gave him an ultimatum by demanding to know whether he was in love with her. While he said he was falling in love with Lopez-Alvar, Harbor wasn’t ready because it was moving too fast.

On the finale, Lopez-Alvar took Harbor’s hands and said, “Clay, from the moment I met you I knew you had the chance to change my life forever. I’ve truly loved you from the moment we first kissed. I loved you then, I love you now … I just need you to answer this one question: Yes or no, Clay, do you love me?”

“I’m not there yet,” he replied. “Having those feelings, it’s not easy for me and it’s scary. But I know one thing — that I am starting to fall in love with you. I’m not ready to move in together or get down on one knee right now, but I know what I want and that’s for us to take things slow and to leave here together.”


That wasn’t good enough for Lopez-Alvar, who left in tears. “I have to do what’s best for me right now,” she said. “And I can’t tell people that we’re together knowing that you don’t love me back.”

In a lengthy statement on Instagram on Tuesday, Lopez-Alvar spoke out about her decision while sharing a photo of herself at the reunion.

“First and foremost, congratulations to my amazing friends and TV family who found love in Paradise. ❤️ This is what Paradise is all about. We put our lives on hold for the chance of finding someone who completes us. Yes, this show accelerates every relationship — but we all embark on this wild, vulnerable, and unconventional journey knowing it’s worth it. True love always is,” she began.

“While there is so much I want to share with you all, there is a message that I need to share that is far more important than me. Ladies, we don’t have to put up with anything less than wonderful. We are worthy of someone’s complete and all-encompassing respect, time, love, honesty, and energy. When a man’s actions don’t line up with his words, when a man’s promises fall flat, and when a man dares to string you along (whether it’s for 16 days or for 8 months) knowing very well he does not see a future with you — we are better off on our own than loving a man who doesn’t know what he has when he has it. I know it’s scary, but sometimes, the bravest thing we can ever do is love ourselves first. If that means to run, then run,” she continued.

She concluded: “I went into this experience with my heart wide open. I knew I could be setting myself up for heartache. But if there’s anything this past year on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise has taught me, it’s that I’m stronger than I give myself credit for. I don’t regret a single moment. I love you all so much ❤️❤️❤️ and remember — we are ALL worthy of our own happy ending. Whether that be with a partner or not. ‘Cause we’re our own soulmates. Xo, Nicole.”

In a statement of his own, Harbor also spoke out about him and Lopez-Alvar going their separate ways.

“Comparing relationships is not apples to apples. The truth is I was starting to fall in love but I did not want to lie and say I was all the way there until I was. I wanted to leave the beach with Nicole and see what real everyday life had in store for us. I wanted to meet family and friends and grow and if and when we were ready to get engaged we would,” he began in a statement on Twitter Wednesday.

“I’ve always told myself I am asking one person one time to marry me,” he continued. “I just didn’t think we made it far enough YET. I completely expected her to leave with me but she wanted something else. I won’t sacrifice who I am for anyone and especially not a tv show. I completely stand behind my decisions that last night on the beach and like I said before, I’m happy Nicole has moved on,” he concluded. “She deserves happiness.”