The couple, who got engaged this summer, shared photos of their new apartment in San Diego, California

A Bachelor in Paradise couple just took the next step: Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson are moving in together.

They announced the news Sunday on Instagram, sharing a slideshow of photos of their new home in San Diego, California — including a sweet shot of themselves proudly holding up a set of keys.

“In the words of all my boys back home….Let’s Goooo Babyyyyyy,” Randone wrote. “It’s OFFICIAL we’re APPROVED for our first place together! Excited for this new chapter!”

Randone and Nielson, both 30, met on the ABC reality show this summer, getting engaged on the season finale after dating for just weeks.

“I was very thick-skinned and hard-shelled when I got to Paradise,” Randone previously told PEOPLE. “I was not myself. I was trying to act like this tough guy, that I had an ego.”

Luckily, Nielson set him straight.

“She knew, based on conversations we had had, that I was a genuine guy with a good heart,” he said. “So she pulled me aside and said, ‘You need to be more self-aware or you’re going to lose friendships here and you’re going to lose me.’ ”

“I realized that this woman came out of nowhere to give me direction,” he continued. “I felt it from her heart and I realized that if I don’t change now and be vulnerable, I’m going to lose this incredible woman.”

Nielson said she could sympathize with Randone.

“We were both hard-skinned because we went through tough times,” said Nielson, who, like Randone, grew up without a father and was raised by a single mom. “We bonded over that. I could understand him.”

“I truly believe everything happens for a reason,” she added. “Everything I went through on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise led me to develop and grow into my own as a person and eventually, it led me to Chris.”

As for their nuptials? Nielson revealed they’re planning to tie the knot somewhere with warm weather.

“I see a beach and bare feet,” she said. “And lots of crystals!”