Backstabbing in 'Paradise' ! Ashley Iaconetti Lays Into Caila Quinn over Jared Haibon Love Triangle

Plus, will Nick Viall finally find love?


The claws are coming out on Bachelor in Paradise – and we don’t just mean the crabs.

In a sneak peek at Tuesday’s episode, we get to experience the return of Ashley Iaconetti in full force … and yes, there’s lots of crying involved.

In case you didn’t watch last season, Iaconetti spent much of it pining over Jared Haibon, who, for the most part, didn’t quite return the feelings.

This time? Not much has changed – except for the introduction of Caila Quinn in Paradise, who happened to form an instant connection with Haibon.

“It can’t get much worse unless somebody dies,” Iaconetti says tearfully in the clip. (Say what you will about the woman, but at least she’s consistent with the drama.)

And while she maintains that she really, really wants to “keep it together,” she just can’t stop crying – really. Ashley cries on the beach, Ashley cries on the deck, Ashley cries in her bed – oh, the places she’ll cry!

“Seeing Jared with Caila – I just feel so backstabbed,” she tells the camera.

“There’s no one here for me, and then to see you with someone – I can’t do it,” she says between sobs to Haibon.

Quinn seems to pick up the hints: “I don’t think she wanted me here,” she muses in the clip.

Iaconetti puts it more bluntly: “She’s a backstabbing whore,” she says.

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Fellow contestant Nick Viall tries to talk some sense into Iaconetti, but she’s not having it.

“You will never be with Jared,” he tells her matter-of-factly.

“You can’t tell me that!” she shrieks.

Nick, meanwhile, is on his own journey to find love when “a nubile newbie” arrives to “tempt the men.” (Chris Harrison‘s words, not ours.)

“Will Nick finally find love? Or will a case of crabs ruin it all?” (Again, Harrison’s words. But those crabs are out of control.)

As for Iaconetti’s fate, we’ll have to wait until Tuesday night to find out – and to see whether the Aztec warriors actually “sacrifice” her for her virginity. The suspense is almost too much!

Bachelor in Paradise continues Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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