Things are steaming up in Paradise

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

On Tuesday night’s Bachelorette: Men Tell All special, we got to see all our favorite (and least favorite) contestants from this season of The Bachelorette recap the best moments of the past few weeks.

But really, all the attention was on the three-minute Bachelor in Paradise trailer, which featured Chad Johnson in all his deli-meat-eating glory, Evan bleeding (again) and, of course, plenty of romance (and romantic drama!).

We watched the trailer, and then watched it again (and again and again) to list out all the couples to look out for this season – and the drama that will follow each of them!

1. Lace and Chad
We could have seen this pairing coming: Lace and Chad were the token crazies of their respective seasons, so it’s only natural that they’d flock to each other in paradise. However, it doesn’t look like it was a peaceful courtship: We see Chad practically flinging Lace around the hot tub. Not the makings of an epic romance.

2. Lace and Grant
As such, it seems Lace moved on fast from Chad to firefighter Grant. Of course, since this is paradise, it wasn’t without a few bumps along the way. We see them in a hotel room together just before cutting to a clip of Lace telling Grant to go “find love with someone else” because she looks like a “bitch.” Yikes.

3. Amanda and Nick
One of the season’s sure-to-be epic romances? Amanda and Nick Viall, who are seen kissing and swooning over each other throughout the trailer. “Amanda is stunning and she’s kind and a great mother,” he says. “I know that this is the person. I’m in love.” Even more of an indicator of the serious level of Nick’s feelings? A shot of him holding a diamond ring.

4. Jennifer and Nick
That ring could be for Jennifer, from Ben Higgins‘ season, whom we see Nick kayaking with, making out on the beach with and in a hotel room with.

5. Amanda and Josh
Fear not for Amanda though – if things don’t work out with Nick, it looks like she has another option: Andi Dorfman‘s ex-fiancé Josh Murray, with whom we see her in bed. (Spoiler: He’s totally naked.)

6. Jared and Caila
Amanda isn’t the only one of Ben’s exes in for an intense romance in paradise. Caila and series veteran Jared are falling for each other, too. “Love is the best feeling in the world,” she says. “And I found that with Jared.” Well, not if a certain someone has anything to say about it

7. Jared and Ashley I.
Who knows if these two hook up again, but clearly there’s still some romantic tension remaining from last season. When Jared tells Ashley I. that he’s trying to move on from her (with Caila), she bursts into tears (classic Ashley I., am I right?) and says she’s not ready.

8. Daniel and Ashley I.
She’s so ready, in fact, that she teams up with everyone’s favorite professional Canadian to “sabotage” Caila and make Jared jealous. If the next clip of Caila crying is any indication, it seems that it works.

9. Wells and Ashley I.
But don’t worry, Ashley I. fans – she’s apparently found someone to distract her from the Jared-induced pain (and sabotage plots). She meets Wells, whom she says “turned everything around,” and she feels more chemistry with him than she ever did with Jared. The two even say there could be a baby conceived in paradise. (For this potential child’s sake, let’s hope they’re kidding.)

10. Daniel and the twins
Okay, this one looks more like mild flirtation – the twins are seen stroking his pecs, which one of the twins (honestly, who can tell these two apart?) calls “bigger than my boobs.” That’s a direct quote, people.

11. Daniel and Carly
The twins are into his physique – and they’re not alone. Did everyone catch Carly saying that Daniel is a “really good one-nighter?” Keep an eye out see where that one goes.

12. Evan and Jubilee
We don’t know much about Evan and Jubilee’s relationship, except that they’re in bed together. Oh, and Evan makes a trip to the hospital, of which Chad may-or-may-not be the cause. Honestly, the Evan and Chad relationship is most likely going to be the most captivating of the season.

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuedsay at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.