'Bachelor in Paradise' : 1 Couple Leaves the Beach When Cast Suspects They Came on Show for 'Clout'

Alana Milne broke up Chris Conran and Jessenia Cruz when she arrived on BiP season 7 on Tuesday

This post contains spoilers from Bachelor in Paradise season 7, episode 6.

Tuesday's episode of Bachelor in Paradise started off with Tituss Burgess singing and announcing that he'd be kicking off his time as a guest host with a VIP party.

The list of who could attend the party included: Becca Kufrin, Aaron Clancy, Noah Erb, Abigail Heringer, Kenny Braasch, Jessenia Cruz, Chris Conran, Riley Christian, Deandra Kanu, James Bonsall, Thomas Jacobs and Demi Burnett. Once they arrived at the exclusive bash, Tituss, 42, revealed that more guests would be joining. He welcomed in Chelsea Vaughn and Alana Milne from Matt James' season of The Bachelor, and Alayah Benavidez and Mykenna Dorn from Peter Weber's season.

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According to Jessenia, 28, Alana, 27, flirted with Chris, 28, pre-Paradise during a trip to San Diego, and the two immediately took to one another during the VIP party. They went off and started making out and Chris' previous connection, Jessenia, saw it.

When Jessenia pulled Chris to ask for an explanation, he said he came to Paradise for both women. "Both you guys were on my list and obviously you were my No. 1 and I didn't think I had feelings with her walking in at all," Chris told Jessenia. "And I don't know what's going on or what happened."

Alana tried to interrupt Chris and Jessenia's conversation, but Jessenia wouldn't let her. Chris continued to explain to Jessenia that he experienced a "mental block" when Alana walked in.

Tituss introduced yet another surprise — a performance from Olivia Holt. While the actress-singer, 24, belted her new single "Next," Alana and Chris made out on the dance floor right in front of Jessenia, who left the party in tears.

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Because of how quickly Chris and Alana connected at the party, the other castmates suspected the two started dating before the show — and thought Chris just wanted to stick around until Alana showed up so they could both boost their social media followings.


When everyone arrived back from the party, Mari Pepin asked Kenny, 40, about what went down. Kenny told Mari, 25, he felt like she only expressed interest in him during weeks when the men had the roses to give out. Still, "I can't explain what it is with you," Kenny said. "I don't know. It's just something different. I'm not sure I ever felt this kind of feeling before."

Mari had strong feelings, too. "I would leave here today like, with you," she told Kenny. He agreed.

So then Kenny had to officially break things off with Demi, 26.

"Why do you want her?" Demi asked Kenny. "The girl who is stuck up as f---."

Kenny said he "didn't expect" to feel the way he did. "She's evil," Demi continued. "She's a mean, mean girl. She's a pageant girl."

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Then Demi brought up her time with Kenny in the Boom Boom Room. "You literally had sex with me and then it's like, oh well, I still want this girl who didn't even want … like, she wanted to be open," Demi said.

Kenny stood firm on his position to be with Mari, though.

Meanwhile, Chris moped around on the beach, seemingly upset that he ruined his relationship with Jessenia to make out with Alana. But then Alana showed back up with a date card and asked Chris to go out with her.

"I know it's going to upset a lot of you guys," Chris told the group of his decision, "but I'm following my heart right now and that's what I came here to do."

Chris approached Jessenia to talk about his choice, but Jessenia didn't want to hear it. "I don't think you owe me anything, Chris, honestly," she told him. "You showed me basically who you are."

Chris and Alana headed off on their ziplining date, but back on the beach, Joe Amabile told Jessenia that Chris had asked him about how the grocer gained popularity through the Bachelor franchise. "And Alana had talked to me about followers before too," Jessenia said.

Then Chelsea, 29, entered with a date card and asked out Aaron, 26. That worried Becca, 31, since she'd given Aaron her rose previously. But the Paradise gods gifted Becca a date card of her own, and she invited Thomas, 28, to join her.

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Over drinks, Thomas told Becca he knew "nothing" about her Bachelorette past, so she explained.

"I left in love thinking my life was set," she said. "I was going to ... we were going to live together. We were going to buy a house and get married and have kids and so that's why when everything ended, I was very hesitant to say 'yes' to come to this. And this is like, why I want to be very upfront with anyone I'm talking to here."

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Becca said she considered herself "guarded" because of the breakup, but Thomas assured her. "It's okay to be scared," he said.

"I can't' stop smiling," Becca gushed. "I'm a little smitten kitten."

A mariachi band came out and Becca and Thomas danced and kissed the night away.


As Becca and Thomas smooched under the moonlight, Joe, 35, and Riley, 31, confronted Chris.

"You're ruining it for everyone," Joe told Chris. "It does seem like a lot of this was structured."

Riley called out Chris' previous statement that he and Jessenia were the strongest couple on the beach, which Chris denied having said. "If you didn't say you were the strongest couple in the house, I thought you were the strongest couple in the house," Riley said. "I thought it until I turned around and your tongue was down another woman's throat right in front of her."

Riley also accused Chris of "itching for the clout."

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Jessenia demanded Chris "pack your bags and leave."

The consensus seemed to be that if Chris and Alana felt so strongly about each other, they didn't need to be on the beach looking for love anymore. So Chris told Alana he wanted to leave and hoped she'd come with him.

"Leaving Paradise together means that you want to be in a committed relationship and after one day here I cannot tell you that," Alana said. "And I'm sorry, but I can't."

Still, Alana did not want to stick around under the heated climate, so she decided to exit, too.

"Rest in Paradise, Chris," the remaining cast toasted after he and Alana departed.

But Natasha Parker wondered why no one felt as strongly about her similar situation with Brendan Morais, who seemingly waited for Pieper James to arrive on the show even though they'd connected outside of Paradise, setting the groundwork for another storm in Mexico.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesdays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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