Find out what happened when Nick Viall asked Vanessa Grimaldi's father for her blessing

By Aurelie Corinthios
February 20, 2017 10:00 PM

Nick Viall almost gave up on us for a second there, but Bachelor Nation, we’ve made it to hometowns.

Monday night’s episode picked up in the aftermath of Nick sending Kristina home in Bimini, which prompted Corinne to fly into a blind panic that Nick might decide to eliminate her before hometowns, too. Silly Corinne. Obviously we needed to meet Nanny Raquel before the season was over so Corinne obviously got a rose, as did the remaining three women: Rachel, Raven and Vanessa. And obviously Nick cried as he handed the roses out because he’s never not crying anymore. Brace yourselves: A #FullMesnick is coming.


Nick’s first hometown date was with Raven in Hoxie, Arkansas. They started their day off by climbing to the top of a grain bin because that’s what people do for fun in Hoxie, apparently. Then a cop (a.k.a. Raven’s brother) pulled up to “question” them. Good one, ABC.

From there, they spent the afternoon racing around on ATVs, which can’t have been comfortable in those tiny denim shorts Raven was wearing. Then — wait for it — they fully laid down and rolled around in nasty swamp water to make out. Behold:

Credit: Jeff Daly/ABC
Credit: Jeff Daly/ABC

Okay, so Nick does look really good with his shirt off. But this was still so unnecessary.

That evening, they went to Raven’s parents house to meet her mom, dad and brother. Raven was immediately informed that her father, who was diagnosed with lung cancer a year and a half ago, is now cancer-free. Definitely pretty uncomfortable that Nick, who was essentially a complete stranger to Raven’s family at this point, was present for this huge moment, but we’ll roll with it.

Sitting down with Raven’s father Wes, Nick opened up about his relationship with Raven before eventually getting around to asking if he would be okay with them getting engaged down the line. Wes admitted that he didn’t expect to like Nick, but that his mind had been changed and he was happy for them. Overall, a successful hometown date — even though Raven couldn’t quite bring herself to say “I love you” to Nick just yet.


Since Rachel has been confirmed as the next Bachelorette, obviously things didn’t end up working out between her and Nick — but there’s definitely no hometown horror story to blame. In fact, Rachel’s hometown date seemed to go really well.

Here’s Nick trying to play it cool in Rachel’s predominantly African-American church:

JK. He wasn’t that awkward. And look how cute he looks in that suit!

Credit: Bill Matlock/ABC

Later that evening, Nick went to Rachel’s family’s home to meet her mom and sisters, but not her father, who couldn’t make it because of work obligations. The meeting was a big deal for both of them, since Nick was the first white guy that Rachel has brought home.

Credit: Bill Matlock/ABC

LOL @ Nick protesting that he’s not from Mars when Rachel’s family tried to explain what okra is.

Then Nick sat down with Rachel’s sister Constance and her husband Alex, who gave them advice from one biracial couple to another.

Constance got right to the point and hit us with the hard facts: Biracial couples face racism, so are Rachel and Nick ready for that? They seemed to think that they were, but then Nick faced the firing squad again with Rachel’s mom Kathy. Nick, for his part, made it a point that he liked Rachel for who she is, and that the color of their skin has nothing to do with their feelings for one another. Overall, the date went well, and Rachel’s family seemed to genuinely like Nick.



After weeks of dominating the storyline pretty much every single episode, Corinne finally made it to hometowns dates, which meant fans got to meet the couple responsible for bringing such a delightfully entertaining reality television contestant into this world.

For her date in Miami, Corinne took Nick shopping. And by that we mean she spent $3,423 on a new outfit for him. $3,423. $3,423!!!!!!!! Let that sink in.

Shopping with a boyfriend has never been this fun. Seriously. Look how much fun they’re having! This montage was Pretty Woman in reverse and it deserves an Emmy.

Credit: Drew Cason/ABC
Credit: Drew Cason/ABC

Obviously on a high from the shopping spree, Corinne decided it was time to tell Nick she loves him. Nick didn’t say it back, so looks like someone learned a lesson from repeat L-word offender Ben Higgins last season.

Then finally we got to meet Corinne’s parents, sister and, of course, her nanny Raquel. Congratulations, Raquel, you have now gotten more screen time on The Bachelor than half of the girls in the season premiere.

Corinne’s dad is an older, male version of Corinne, and it all makes so much sense now. They both talk about themselves in the third person, they both love to drink and they are both highly focused on having enough money to buy nice, pretty things. Corinne’s dad kept asking Corinne what Nick was going to “do” after the show was over. Doesn’t he know once you’ve been on The Bachelor you can sell Sugar Bear Hair and Flat Tummy Tea on Instagram for the rest of your life?

Then Nick sat down with Corinne’s dad and asked him for his blessing if he were to propose to Corinne. Corinne’s dad said yes, and also proclaimed that Corinne is the “lid to Nick’s pot.” In a cheesy pasta world, that must mean they’re a match made in heaven.


Last but not least, Nick flew to Montreal for a hometown date with Vanessa. Vanessa is a special educator teacher in the adult sector, which means all of her students are over 21. That morning, they went to her classroom to meet them, and they had all made posters and cried when they reunited with her. It was very adorable and Vanessa is basically perfect. We’re not crying, you’re crying.

Credit: Phillippe Bosse/ABC

Because Vanessa’s parents are divorced, Nick met her mother and father separately. First, he met her mom and the rest of the family, which consisted of a giant group of Vanessa’s siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and friends.

Things started to get a little iffy at lunch when someone asked Nick whether he and Vanessa had talked about where they might move after the show was over and it quickly became obvious that Nick and Vanessa hadn’t talked about that — or the other logistics that need to be discussed before an engagement — at all.

Between an awkward conversation with Vanessa’s mom followed swiftly by her sister plainly stating to Nick’s face that she would “hate” him if he broke Vanessa’s heart, things got pretty tense. Throughout the evening, Nick cried, Vanessa cried and quite a few of Vanessa’s family members cried, too.

From there, Nick and Vanessa made their way over to her father’s home for the second meeting. Things got even more uncomfortable when Nick took her dad aside to ask for his blessing if he were to propose to Vanessa … and got flat-out denied. In all fairness, Vanessa’s dad brought up a lot of good points: There were still three other women in the running, correct? And had Nick asked their parents the same thing? (Yes, and yes.) Basically, try as he may, there was really nothing Nick could say to spin the situation in his favor.

Ultimately, Vanessa’s dad did end up giving Nick his blessing — though he was clearly less than enthused about having to do so. Then Vanessa’s dad and Vanessa sat down, and Vanessa found out that not only had Nick asked her dad for his blessing, but that he had also asked the other women’s parents the same thing — and that crushed her.

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“If he asked another parent for their blessing, the parents would be expecting, naturally, that the next step is to get engaged,” she said during a confessional interview. “Relationships are only going to get stronger at this point, and I’m terrified of knowing what his feelings are with these other women. I’m terrified of not ending up with Nick, and I’m scared I’m going to regret all of this.”

Up next, Nick and the remaining women flew to New York City, Nick’s favorite destination, for the rose ceremony. But lo and behold, Nick had one important visitor to face first — his ex Andi Dorfman. Stay tuned to find out how that shakes out!

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