Juan Pablo is a monster! Juan Pablo is just taking it slow. Where do you stand on the super awkward Bachelor finale?

Monday night’s shocking finale of The Bachelor left some viewers perplexed and dissatisfied with Juan Pablo Galavis, who refused to say that he was in love with his final rose recipient, Nikki Ferrell. Host Chris Harrison and Juan Pablo’s fellow franchise alums, newlyweds Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici, were among them.

After sending home an angry Clare Crawley, Juan Pablo told Nikki that he had a ring in his pocket but viewers never saw it. “I’m not going to give it to you,” Juan Pablo said. “I’m not 100 percent sure I want to propose to you. But at the same time I’m 100 percent sure that I don’t want to let you go. I like you … a lot. A lot.”

Later, at the After the Final Rose special, Juan Pablo and Harrison became involved in a tense standoff – with the host prodding the Bachelor to open up about his feelings for Nikki, who sat adoringly by his side.

When Harrison asked, “How do you feel about her?” Juan Pablo said he felt “fantastic” and “great” about Nikki. When Chris asked if he was in love, Juan Pablo said, “I’m not going to answer that question to you.”

Let’s take sides! Senior editors Mary Margaret and Aaron Parsley discuss the most awkward Bachelor finale ever:

Aaron: He only met Nikki weeks before he was expected to propose. And then four months later – after keeping their relationship a secret – he still wasn’t ready to say I love you. What’s the big deal? He wants to take it slow.

Mary: Totally but his explanation of it – and I don’t buy the “English is my second language thing” – was pretty offensive to Nikki and a slap in the face to a franchise he signed up for. If you really wanted to keep things private, don’t go on a reality dating show to find love. It’s not like he’d have a hard time finding a date otherwise!

Aaron: Not everyone has to get engaged on The Bachelor. Alex Michel, Bob Guiney, Jesse Palmer, Travis Lane Stork, Charlie O’Connell and Prince Lorenzo Borghese all used the show to find a relationship but decided that it was too soon to put a ring on it. Plus, Nikki sat there and took it even though she said during the finale that all she wanted was to hear him say he loved her.

Mary: I’m not saying he needs to get engaged, but he needs to play ball a little. I’m just more annoyed about the fact that he wouldn’t say anything about where they are in the relationship – or at least anything satisfying. Week after week we followed him on a journey, which he clearly enjoyed and made the most of in more ways than one, and then we get shut down over what happens next? It was completely anticlimactic and was not “eess okay!”

Aaron: Where he is in the relationship? He said he felt like they were starting their relationship. “I’m very honest [with] her and I keep things to [ourselves] and I show her how I feel about her and she’s happy with that and we’re starting out life together.” I think that’s fair. But I get it – fans want to take their popcorn and wine inside the fantasy suite during the overnight dates, see a couple walk down the aisle, catch the bouquet and go on the honeymoon with the Bachelor and his chosen one. Not everyone can be beaming, gushing newlyweds Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici.

Mary: Okay, fine, I would possibly be okay with him keeping things private BUT not when he drops little gems like they had to “drastically” change their plans around the Women Tell All Special. It’s either: keep your trap shut or give us some gooey verbal diarrhea. Stop messing with our minds, Juan Pablo!

Aaron: Let’s be real: other Bachelors fake it, propose, ask Chris Harrison to be the godfather of their firstborn … and then break up. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking it slow – even if you’re the Bachelor. And especially when there are kids and family involved.

Mary: As Nikki said, “Time will tell.” Yes, time will tell … that he is insensitive and likely to break your heart. I wish them well, but how he handled the whole situation is not a good sign and he should have been more careful about how she would feel about his public stubbornness to gush after her. My idea: Nikki and Andi should do a dual season of The Bachelorette!

Aaron: Yes, time will tell. Nikki said she would be okay with the situation until she wasn’t okay with the situation and then she’d walk. I think we agree that may happen sooner rather than later.

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