By People Staff
Updated December 01, 2020 04:08 PM
Credit: Adam Larkey/ABC

The engagement has ended, but former Bachelor fiance Shayne Lamas says she has every intention of keeping the ring.

In the first interview since announcing her split from The Bachelor: London Calling‘s Matt Grant, Lamas says she has prepared a permanent home for the 2.85-carat Tacori platinum-and-diamond eternity ring now that it’s off her finger.

“I have it and I am going to keep it forever for the rest of my life,” Lamas tells PEOPLE. “It’s safe and clean and in a glass box like a glass slipper.”

And according to Lamas, Grant has no problem with that arrangement. “Of course (he doesn’t),” she says. “He wants to come over and look at it.”

Fans of the ABC reality show watched Grant get down on bended knee and present the ring to Lamas with the winning rose in the final episode of The Bachelor.

But a month after the episode aired, the two were no longer living together. While dogged with persistent Internet reports of discord, Lamas insists the two never had to deal with infidelity. “I did not cheat on Matt,” insists Lamas. “I would never, ever cheat on Matt. He was my fianc.”

The break-up came on the heels of reports that Lamas was spotted partying in Vegas with a local businessman. But according to Lamas, the two had already split by then.

“I want to clear this up 100 percent. That Vegas trip had nothing to do with our break-up,” says Lamas. “I was in Vegas with friends. Matt and I had already broken up. So I was a single 22-year-old woman having fun.”

Upon her return from Vegas, Lamas says the couple announced their split to the public. Though they are no longer an item, Lamas insists she and Grant are still amicable and talk “daily.”

“If I find the man, I’ll do it,” says Lamas, who plans on being “single for a while,” but is not counting out marriage in the future. “But I’m going to give this the two-year test. And then marry him. I think I’ve learned that two months is a little too short.” –Bryan Alexander

Adam Larkey/ABC