'The Bachelor' : Does Lauren Burnham Forgive Arie Luyendyk Jr. for Choosing Becca Kufrin?

"I broke her heart and now I really want to marry Lauren," Arie Luyendyk Jr. said about Lauren Burnham on Tuesday's After the Final Rose special

WARNING: This post contains Bachelor spoilers.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. was a ball of nerves before coming face-to-face with Lauren Burnham for the first time since saying goodbye to her in Peru.

On Tuesday’s episode of the The Bachelor‘s After the Final Rose special, Luyendyk Jr. traveled to Virginia Beach, where he declared his love to Bachelor runner-up Burnham at her family’s home following his dramatic split from ex-fiancée Becca Kufrin, which aired on Monday evening’s finale.

“I broke her heart and now I really want to marry Lauren,” Luyendyk Jr., 36, said after calling off his engagement with Kufrin. “I’m terrified. My biggest fear is that I go to Lauren and it doesn’t work out, and that I risked it all — I risked everything for nothing.”

Upon pulling up to her parents’ house, Luyendyk Jr. admitted that he was “freaking out” and having a “panic attack” before knocking on the door.

But when Burnham, 26, opened up the door and faced her ex, he was greeted with a smile and a warm embrace.


“This is a huge moment and I’m nervous. … I talked to Lauren on the phone and she knows that Becca and I broke up,” said Luyendyk Jr. “I want her to know that I made a mistake and I’m willing to make it up to her every day for as long as she’ll have me.”

Ahead of their filmed sit-down discussion, Luynedyk Jr. had reached out to Burnham.

“When Arie first reached out, I was a little angry honestly. …While I’m happy to see him, I definitely have a bunch of questions,” said Burnham.

“It’s been the hardest month and a half without you,” he told her. “I know that you’ve gone through hell … but I came here today because I want a second chance and I want a shot at this.”

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After Burnham returned to her hometown of Virginia Beach, she told the Bachelor that she “felt extremely alone,” admitting that she “couldn’t talk to anyone about it. … The fact that I lost you the same day that you got engaged, it was really tough for me to accept that.”

“It kind of was crushing me,” she said. “It was really hard for me to readjust and not focus on that and focus on work.”

When Burnham asked if Luyendyk Jr. felt he had a “strong” relationship with Kufrin, the former race car driver said that he felt “confidence” coming from her.

He explained that he “felt like I was making a safe decision for my future. … I think I just let the logic side of myself take over the emotional side of myself,” when Burnham asked why he chose to propose to Kufrin.


“There’s no denying that I love you so much,” he told Burnham.

But before Burnham extended her forgiveness to the Bachelor, she wanted to make sure that he had completely moved on from Kufrin.

“Yes, 1,000 percent,” he assured her. “My heart’s with you and will always be with you.”

“I love you very much and I want you back,” he told Burnham, who sealed her forgiveness with a kiss.

After exchanging “I love yous,” Burnahm shared her hope that an engagement wouldn’t be far off.

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