Corinne Olympios quickly¬†established herself as the undisputed villain of Nick Viall's season — here's why

From day one of Nick Viall‘s season of The Bachelor, Corinne Olympios pretty much instantly secured her spot in the canon of all-time most notorious Bachelor villains. Between napping in the middle of a rose ceremony and dropping her top on a first (group) date, here are the controversial things she did on The Bachelor.

1. When we found out she had a nanny.
And a “multi-million dollar company,” which she says she runs, despite being 24 years old, and oh yeah, her father running the company.

2. When she stole the first kiss.
It had to be someone, and it only makes sense that it’s the girl who was soon to be the season’s most polarizing contestant.

3. “My heart is gold and my vagine is platinum.”
When Corinne uttered this iconic, Borat-inspired line on the show, it was just a hint of all her over-the-top behavior to come.

4. When she was actually upset that another girl was more naked than she was.
She was in a bikini, but that wasn’t enough for Corinne, who likes to be the most naked at all times.

5. When she went topless during her first-ever date with Nick.
Corinne took matters — and her bikini top — into her own hands. For his part, Nick also took matters, a.k.a. her breasts, into his own hands at Corinne’s urging. Did we mention this happened with 10 other girls sitting mere feet away?

6. When she interrupted pretty much everybody at the cocktail party.
It’s Corinne’s world, we’re just courting in it.

7. When she then got angry that she was interrupted.
The golden rule does not seem to apply to Corinne!

8. When she talked about her family values.
“My dad would be proud, even though I was naked.” Marinate on that for a while, Bachelor Nation.

9. When she got nearly naked, again, at the cocktail party.
A trench coat with nothing underneath is standard Bachelor rose ceremony wear, right?

10. When she put whipped cream on herself for Nick to lick off.
Reminder: This was only episode 2.

11. And then cried when it didn’t go as planned.
Maybe you should have saved that one for the Fantasy Suite.

12. When she took a nap during a rose ceremony.
It’s almost like she’s trying to be the villain.

13. When she told the other girls about her nanny, Raquel.
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14. When she pounced on Nick in a bouncy castle.
Again, girl is clearly not here to make friends.

15. When she took another nap.
Some people never learn.

16. When she says she doesn’t know how to do chores.
“Let alone farm chores!” Oh, and neither does Raquel.

17. When she refused to partake in the group date — which, fair enough, was shoveling manure.
Also, she called cow manure “poopie.”

18. When she said it’s okay that she takes naps.
Because Abraham Lincoln and Michael Jordan did too.

19. When she said her boobs were a sign of her maturity.
That’s not how it works, girl.

20. When she compared herself to an ear of corn.
That was a departure from Lincoln and Jordan.

21. When she beat out Taylor on the incredibly uncomfortable two-on-one date.

22. When she tried to seduce Nick in his hotel room.
“Don’t jiggle. Gently massage.”

23. When she spent $3,423 on a brand new outfit for Nick during hometown dates.

24. When she finally introduced us to Nanny Raquel, who has now had more screen time than most of the contestants.

25. When she showed up looking extra AF in an ombré shag coat and double thigh slit dress for what turned out to be her last rose ceremony.
A casual breakup * lewk.*

26. When she was finally eliminated and lost it.
Not saying that was a fake cry, but did anyone actually see tears?

27. When she fell asleep in the limo on her way home.
Corinne OUT.

28. When she defended her naps at The Bachelor Women Tell All.

“Everybody naps — just like everybody poops. There’s a book about it, guys. Read it.”

29. When she defended her intelligence at The Bachelor Women Tell All.

After trying to explain that she felt bullied by Taylor, Corinne told Chris Harrison, “Listen, I’m not the brightest crayon in the box.”

30. Corinne refused to say sorry to Taylor.

It was a good try, Harrison, but Corinne isn’t backing down. She refused to apologize to Taylor at The Bachelor Women Tell All, even though she received one from her archenemy. Anything to say, Corinne? “Nope.” Maybe she just needs to nap it off.

The Bachelor airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.