Bachelor Colton Underwood: 'The Devil Was Working Overtime' During Caelynn and Hannah B's Feud

The 26-year-old former professional football player revealed on Twitter he was so stressed, he didn't have time to plan dates with the women vying for his heart

His journey on reality television has just begun, and Colton Underwood is already leading the “most dramatic season ever.

After Monday night’s episode, the 26-year-old former professional football player revealed on Twitter he was so stressed over two of his contestants’ fight, he didn’t have time to plan dates with the women vying for his heart.

After giving a “shoutout to the bachelor date team producers” for planning all his “amazing dates,” Underwood replied to a fan, who joked about him not being able to “spontaneously plan all the dates” himself.

“I couldn’t this week… I had drama to deal with, Duh! The devil was working overtime,” he fired back.

While Underwood didn’t explicitly name who was creating the drama, this week’s episode of The Bachelor was filled with fights between beauty pageant rivals Hannah B. and Caelynn, rivals who roomed together during the Miss USA competition.

After both women attended the pirate-themed group date, tension simmered to an all-time high.

“It’s a little frustrating to watch Caelynn engage with Colton right in front of me,” Hannah B said. “I’m trying my hardest to not get upset, but then Caelynn is just everywhere. I didn’t come here to compete in another pageant. Honestly, this sucks.”


Hannah B. admitted tha seeing Caelynn move forward with Underwood brought out her insecurities.

“I was just in a high-stress situation with her and it was like the most hostile environment I’ve ever been in,” she told Underwood. “It’s hard because it’s like, if that’s what you want, you don’t want me.”

After failing to articulate herself, they both left the conversation frustrated, and he immediately went to hear Caelynn’s side of the story.

When she breaks down in tears, saying she wasn’t planning to address her past, Colton comforted her and gave her the group date rose.

“I want you to know that I like you a lot and it’s about our time together and our connection,” he said.

He then opted to spend some quality time with the women by the pool, in lieu of a cocktail party.

While most of the women really seemed to be enjoying their time, Hannah B. was still spiraling after the other night.

“If Caelynn is talking crap about me she better beware,” she said after seeing him and Caelynn walk off. “There is a beautiful monster inside of me and today I’m going to have to let it out. There’s a tank of rage and it is full. The beast is about to come out.”

Meanwhile, Caelynn told Underwood that Hannah B. is “manipulative”, “deceitful” and “toxic.”

At this point, Underwood was fed up. “I feel like I’m going around and round in circles. I don’t know what to believe.”

“I’m frustrated because I still don’t understand this,” he told a producer off-camera. “The last thing I wanted to do today was spend all day at the pool party talking about this. I’m not getting clarity at all.”

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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