'The Bachelor' 's Colton Underwood Gets Flirty on His First Group Date: 'That Was So Sexy'

Colton Underwood is heading to camp on his very first group date — and PEOPLE's got an exclusive sneak peek

Welcome to Camp Bachelor!

On Monday’s episode of The Bachelor, Colton Underwood is heading to camp on his very first group date — and PEOPLE’s got an exclusive sneak peek at some of his one-on-one time with Elyse, a 31-year-old makeup artist from Soldotna, Alaska.

“You killed it,” the 26-year-old former football player tells her after the group date challenge. “That was so sexy. You went up there and I was like, ‘Okay. All right!’ ”

“Hearing you talk about your 20s and what you learned, it was fun,” he adds. “You took like, this attitude and this sexiness — now you’re changing it up and going [for someone] a little younger. I’m all for it.”


Laughing, Elyse reveals that she and a few of the other contestants have coined a special nickname for themselves.

“We have the cougar den. Colton’s cougars!” she says. “All the 27 and ups are [staying] in the same room.”

“Oh really? What room is that?” Colton asks.

“We’ll put a sign up for you,” Elyse teases.

But all jokes aside, both agree that age is just a number.

“Age doesn’t define anything,” Colton says.

“As much as I was making a joke about the age thing, you can be 22 and life may have dealt you a lot of cards, or be 31 and gone through things, or had it really easy,” Elyse says. “It totally changes where you’re at in your life.”

PEOPLE was on set as the group date was filmed, and Colton certainly seemed game for the camp-themed outing.

“I’m giddy,” he said. “I’m having so much fun. I’m being in the moment, having fun and relaxing. I lined them up to throw footballs. I didn’t care if they caught the football, I just wanted them to have a good time with it! What’s great about this date is who goes to summer camp and doesn’t have a good time? I just want to see everybody relaxed.”

The Bachelor airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

  • with reporting by AILI NAHAS
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