Everyone can see it's the final rose of the night. Why does Chris have to point that out every time?

Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Every rose has its thorn. For Chris Harrison, it’s the final rose – the one he has to introduce, somewhat pointlessly, every single week on The Bachelor.

In an interview airing Wednesday on her talk show, Ellen DeGeneres playfully needles the dating show’s host about that ritual, which she points out is unnecessary, even absurd.

“Everyone knows it’s the final rose,” DeGeneres says. “There’s only one rose. They know it. Yet, every single time, ‘Ladies, Brad. It’s the final rose.’ How do you not laugh when you do that?”

To which Harrison, 39, replies: “You realize how little I do on this show. So, please, please don’t take away the one thing I do.”

Harrison acknowledges the silliness of the moment, and says he was opposed to it from the beginning. “I wanted to get rid of that very early on,” he says. “Eight years ago, I’m like, ‘This is ridiculous.’ ”

Still, it does serve a purpose, he says, in adding to the tension just before the crucial moment when someone gets sent home.

“It’s not about the math,” he says. “It’s not saying, ‘Ellen, there’s a coffee cup between us.’ You know that. It’s kind of like, ‘Oh my gosh. One of us is going home.’ It’s really about setting that moment. It’s silly. There’s really no way I can explain that it’s not silly.”

As far as avoiding laughter, Harrison says his strategy is to “picture my kids in college.”

“Keep a straight face,” he says, “The kids gotta go to school.”