Womack defends a contestant who is "catching some flack for being so outspoken"
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Hello, PEOPLE!

On this week’s episode of The Bachelor I went on an island getaway, got great advice from the “love doctors,” and did the scariest thing I’ve ever had to do in my entire life! What a week!

It began with a helicopter ride with Chantal to Catalina Island. Even though the island is very close to L.A., we both felt like we were on a vacation and so far away from life back home. I was aware of Chantal’s fear of deep water but knew she would be strong enough to push through. I was also hoping to possibly help her overcome that fear, which she did, and we both enjoyed an amazing experience while “walking” with fish and other sea life. The second part of the date was extremely romantic and it felt like Chantal and I became very close. Here’s a teaser: There’s something about Chantal and I – every time we get together it rains! You’ll see what I mean in future episodes.

While watching this episode and seeing what the girls back at the house were saying, I realize that the women were comparing themselves to other women and pointing out differences between them. A few of them are saying things like, “Well if he has a connection with this person, he couldn’t possibly have one with me because we’re so different.” That’s so very untrue. I came into this process a second time not allowing myself to hone in on a specific type. I wanted to try to bond with different personalities and I feel I succeeded in that. I wish the women would have been more aware of what I was trying to do and I accept responsibility for not making them aware. Maybe it would have prevented some unnecessary grief.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Dr. Drew and the Love Line show, so it was an honor to meet and talk to both him and Mike Catherwood. This date was perfect. I’ve never seen or heard the women be more vulnerable and open. I know it may have seemed like a long therapy session for and maybe even a little bit boring to all of you, but I can’t put into words how much it helped my relationships develop with the women that were present. Of course, we had to end the date with a pool party. All I’ll say is this – the best part was when we were all dancing in the hot tub! You saw a little clip during the end credits, but it lasted much longer than that. Those girls can get down! (And I can’t.)

Michelle and I both agreed that repelling down the building in downtown L.A. was the scariest thing we’ve ever had to do … EVER. I’ll never forget the feeling of swinging my legs over that building and waiting on Michelle to begin. I was petrified with fear but wanted to be strong for her. She was a mess at first – so terrified she was crying uncontrollably. I was so proud of her for conquering her fear! She did it! We both were so exhilarated when we touched the ground below. More importantly, that evening I saw a side to Michelle that I had been waiting to see. She’s obviously beautiful but she’s also intelligent, mature and I can tell from listening to her that she is an amazing mother. I want to say this: Michelle is catching some flack for being so outspoken during the episodes, but I’d like to let everyone know what a remarkable woman she is. She has a very funny side to her and maybe she “hams it up” a little bit during certain interviews but I like that. There are many, many positive sides to Michelle that haven’t been revealed … yet.

There was a lot of talk about Emily during the cocktail after I arranged an impromptu picnic for her. Please let me explain: She had revealed quite a bit about her life to me, both past and present, during our date at the vineyard. I can only imagine what it took for her to tell me everything she did. I didn’t have a single chance to talk to her after that because she didn’t receive a date of any type the following week. I wanted to just say, “Thank you for sharing such an intimate part of your life with me.” In hindsight (and especially after watching the reactions from some of the other girls that didn’t go on a date that same week), I realize it may have been a little unfair of me to do that. I didn’t think about how the other women may have felt and I’m truly sorry. Again, it wasn’t until I saw the conversations that occurred while I was with Emily that I realized I made a small mistake. I don’t regret the picnic, but I do regret not doing something for the other girls that went dateless that week as well. It makes me feel like some sort of “criminal” for robbing those ladies of that!

See ya next week!
Brad Womack

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