"They have not officially broken up," Susan Maynard tells PEOPLE

By Aaron Parsley
April 22, 2011 12:45 PM
Mark Wessels/ABC/Getty

The Bachelor‘s Brad Womack has said that his reality TV romance with Emily Maynard has been "no fairy tale" since he proposed on the show’s finale. Now, it seems that happily ever after continues to be a struggle.

“They have not officially broken up. It’s still kind of on and off,” says Emily’s mom, Susan Maynard, who admits it is hard hearing all the rumors in the tabloids about her daughter and Womack.

From more reliable sources, Susan tells PEOPLE, “I hear nothing but good things about Brad. They are still just trying to get to know each other.”

For example, she says, “My ex husband has met him and thinks he’s a very, very nice guy. And [her daughter] Ricki seems to like him.”

As for whether Emily, 25, will finally make the move to Austin, Texas, where Brad, 38, lives and owns a bar, Susan says that won’t happen any time soon. “I don’t think there is any rush to move,” she says. “There are no plans to take Ricki out of school.”

Susan will welcome both her daughter and granddaughter for the Easter weekend at her home in West Virginia, but she still won’t get to meet Brad since he’ll be in Texas with his family.

Does all the on-again, off-again and spending holidays apart mean their relationship won’t last? “I can’t say one way or the other,” Susan says. “I think they both have good intentions.”