Rick Rowell/ABC
February 15, 2011 04:20 PM

She’s been a controversial presence on the show, and while The Bachelor‘s Brad Womack defended Michelle Money after he sent her home on Monday night’s show, host Chris Harrison was more blunt.

“The problem with hot women is they can get away with a little bit more, and I think she knows that,” Harrison said of the feisty Michelle on Ryan Seacrest‘s KIIS-FM radio show Tuesday. “And I think she’s the type of girl that is used to getting her way, and having so many girls around, having to compete, and then having Brad finally kind of call her on it was kind of interesting.”

On top of which, Harrison says, Michelle – who Seacrest described as being someone in whom “the elevator ain’t always going to the top floor” – didn’t allow for the most graceful of goodbyes.

“It was almost anticlimactic,” Harrison said. “Her exit last night, it was almost a rude exit; she just really wouldn’t talk to him.”

Why that happened, he opined, was because, “I think she was surprised that Brad didn’t fall for her charms, and fall for her game, and I think her game usually works on guys and it fell apart.”

Womack himself was taken aback, said Harrison, who provided a glimpse of one thing viewers didn’t see on the show: “As soon as it was over, [Brad] looked at the camera and he’s like, ‘that was a terrible goodbye. You know it, she knows it, I know it.’ ”

“I thought it was very honest,” Harrison added. “That’s what you’re left thinking last night, is that this was a terrible exit. After all that time she should have had the wherewithal and the heart to talk it out or say something instead of hopping in the limo.”

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