Bushnell recorded the whole scenario on Snapchat
Credit: Source Instagram

Well, there’s one date night they’ll never forget!

On Wednesday night, The Bachelor‘s Ben Higgins and his fiancée Lauren Bushnell went on their very first date together since she officially moved in with him in Denver, and it went great – well, up until the very end.

As it turns out, Higgins, 28, decided to do the gentlemanly thing and go get the car from the parking garage himself so that Bushnell, 26, could stay warm and wait inside … but then he got stuck in the elevator.

Bushnell recorded the scenario on Snapchat, filming herself walking up to the elevator and repeatedly pressing the button to call it.

“Uh oh,” she said, calling out to him: “Honey?”

“Yeah?” he could be heard saying from behind the closed elevator doors.

“We’re going to get you out of here, okay?” Bushnell added, before snapping a picture of a firefighter coming to the rescue: “Poor Ben,” she captioned the shot.

Before you get too worked up about the safety of everyone’s favorite Bachelor, don’t worry – he’s doing just fine.

Bushnell recorded the two in the car on their way home after the fiasco, and she happened to find the whole thing hilarious.

“Date night one. I’m okay,” Higgins told the camera while Bushnell giggled in the background. “Got stuck in an elevator on floor 2 in a parking garage.”

“No, it was like floor 1 and a half!” Bushnell said.

Higgins also took to Twitter to respond to a few concerned fans.

“Traumatizing! Ill never forget our first Denver date,” he tweeted. “@LaurenBushnell3 keeps laughing…”

He also confirmed he was “safe now but need a drink!” Agreed: You deserve one, Ben.