Love is on the line, people!

Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC/Getty

Lace may be getting the buzz following the first episode of The Bachelor‘s latest season, but capturing Ben’s heart is a different story.

When it comes to finding love – and Ben eventually getting down on one knee – these are the ladies we think you should have your eyes on:

1. Olivia, Winner of the First Impression Rose
Contestants on The Bachelor are all after one thing – a rose. And on the first night, the pressure is even higher. Not only is it everyone’s initial encounter with the Bachelor himself, but it’s also the opportunity to earn the much-coveted First Impression Rose. Monday night, that honor went to news anchor Olivia, who said she gave up her dream job to be on the show (even if she doesn’t win, that rose will be a good consolation prize for a cut-short career, right?).

2. Amber and Becca, the Veterans
After 20 seasons, we know that this show loves to pull from within The Bachelor family to find its next Bachelor, Bachelorette and, sometimes, contestants. They stayed true to that tradition this year with the inclusion of Amber and Becca, whom we saw on Chris Soules‘ season last year. Considering how close Chris came to getting down on one knee for Becca, we can’t imagine that Ben – a fellow nice Midwestern man – would be immune to her charms.

3. Haley and Emily, The Twins
Two is better than one, right? While we can’t imagine Ben would be so cruel as to pit sister against sister in the final two, he did call twins Haley and Emily “the sweetest girls ever,” so perhaps they’ll stick around for a bit longer – until that inevitably awkward moment when one goes home and the other doesn’t.

4. JoJo, The Unicorn
On The Bachelor, night one is all about making yourself stand out. And what’s more unique than a unicorn? At least, that’s what JoJo, who stepped out of the limo with a unicorn mask on her head seemed to think. With an entrance like that, how can Ben ignore her?

5. The Laurens
Statistically, the chances are pretty high that Ben will end up proposing to someone named Lauren at the end of this season. There were five Laurens/Lauras out of 28 contestants on Monday night. But there’s something about Lauren B. that sets her apart from the pack. For starters, she’s a flight attendant, which we all know is about as standard of a male fantasy job as it gets (even if nowadays, they’re a little more hand-out-the-sodas than Pan-Am glam). Not to mention, she was a favorite in the After the Rose poll – a sure sign of success.

BONUS: 6. The Entertainers
You know who we’re talking about – drama queen Lace and kiss-stealer Mandi. The two couldn’t make it through hour one of the show without getting into a tiff, and we doubt they’ll be able to keep their cool for much more of the season. Okay, so these ladies probably won’t make it to the Fantasy Suite, but we’ll definitely enjoy having them along for the ride this season. Because, let’s face it: We’re watching this show first for the drama and second for the love.

The Bachelor airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.