Aurelie Corinthios
February 05, 2018 10:23 AM

The dreaded two-on-one has finally arrived.

On Monday’s episode of The Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr. selects two contestants to join him on what inevitably always ends up being the most uncomfortable date of the season: Kendall, and the highly controversial Krystal.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak peek, the two women are racing their way through an outdoor maze to find Luyendyk Jr., 36 — and back at the hotel, the bets are already being placed on who’s going home.

“It’s hard for me to say who’s going to come back from the two-on-one, because I don’t know his relationship with Kendall,” observes Tia, who has been particularly vocal about her dislike for Krystal.

“We know his history with Krystal — we don’t really know what she’s been saying, but we know that they have something there that is keeping her around,” she says. “She is having these blowups, but he’s seeing that as, ‘We’re having a deep, serious discussion and we’re getting closer because of it.’ ”

“Is he going to keep Kendall to further their relationship?” Tia wonders. “Or is he going to keep Krystal? I feel like Krystal definitely had some kind of plan.”

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Meanwhile, on the date, Krystal is making some serious headway: She locates Luyendyk Jr. first, and the two start making out. (Poor Kendall is “still lost” in the maze.)

“I’m a little worried about Kendall,” admits Lauren S.

“I have this sick feeling that Krystal is going to come back,” says Tia. “If Kendall’s bag goes and Krystal’s bag stays, I might as well just jump in the river.”

The Bachelor airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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