It's evident that Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Bekah Martinez are in the not-so-friendly-exes category

By Natalie Stone
March 07, 2018 04:30 PM

It’s evident that Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Bekah Martinez are not-so-friendly exes.

After Monday evening’s heartbreaking Bachelor finale episode — when Luyendyk Jr. proposed to Becca Kufrin, only to call off their engagement weeks later with the hopes of a second chance with runner-up Lauren Burnham — Martinez, who was sent home ahead of this season’s hometown dates, called Luyendyk Jr. out for allegedly direct-messaging her on Twitter after the show.

So what did Luyendyk Jr. think of being put on blast?

“I think it just shows her immaturity. I think that’s the takeaway from it,” Luyendyk Jr., 36, told E! News on Wednesday, just hours after he proposed to Burnham on Tuesday evening’s After the Final Rose taping.

“I could add to that, but I’ll just keep that to myself,” he shared.

From newly engaged Burnham’s perspective, she “thought it was a little uncalled for, but I’m not surprised by it.”

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Martinez, 23, took to Twitter on Monday evening to share a photo of her and Luyendyk Jr. from the show, which she captioned, “That moment when you realize you dodged a bullet.”

“Yo dude when you break off an engagement for your other ex gf the least you can do is LEAVE when she tells you to f—ing GET OUT,” she continued. “@ariejr s the biggest f—ing tool I’ve ever seen. Becca is a queen. A goddess. Thank the LORD he’s out of her life.”

Martinez also shared screenshots of their purported exchanges. One showed Luyendyk Jr. messaging her on Feb. 2 about her infamous missing person’s debacle.

“You seriously crack me up,” he wrote. “Hope all is well.”

He also allegedly reached out to her on Feb. 3 to joke about their age gap, according to Martinez’s screenshots.

“Dm’ing your ex is a good look too,” Martinez tweeted alongside the images. “Yeah Arie was probably being friendly but guess what I DONT CARE HAHAHA, BOY BYEEEEE.”

“People are really going to call me ‘immature’ for calling Arie out yet he’s the man who dm’d MULTIPLE exes and blindsided/broke up with his fiancé in front of a full camera crew…?????” she continued.

Despite the backlash from Bachelor Nation that Luyendyk Jr. has faced since breaking up with (new Bachelorette) Kufrin, he’s focused on his future with Burnham — including tying the knot this year!

“We’re so ready for this,” he told PEOPLE moments after proposing to Burnham with a 3.5 carat Neil Lane ring on the conclusion of the two-part Bachelor finale on Tuesday. “Lauren told me I’m four months late on this proposal, and I wanted to give it to her and I wanted everyone at home to share in it.”

Of their nuptials — yes, they’d consider a televised wedding — Luyendyk Jr. said, “We’ve already been planning it, even before the engagement,” and added, “We want to do it quickly!”