It's always telling who gets chosen for the first one-on-one date of the season

By Aurelie Corinthios
January 08, 2018 10:00 PM

Welcome back, Bachelor Nation. It’s week two of Arie Luyendyk Jr.‘s quest to find love, and Chris Harrison kicks off Monday’s episode by showing up at the mansion to casually inform the women that even though they’re all friends for now, it’s not going to last.

As if they needed the reminder.


It’s always telling who gets chosen for the first one-on-one date of the season. This time, it’s Becca K., a 27-year-old publicist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. We don’t know too much about Becca at first, but she’s definitely one of the least insane most likable contestants so far.

Arie shows up at the mansion to whisk Becca away on his motorcycle. He’s wearing a leather jacket, which causes most of the women to collectively lose all chill. The ladies scuttle outside to send the couple off like proud moms at prom, squealing about how “cute” Arie is when he zips up Becca’s jacket and plops her on the back of the bike. Nothing like watching your “boyfriend” leave for a romantic date with one of his 20 “girlfriends.”

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They arrive at an oceanside mansion in Malibu, and Arie surprises Becca with this season’s celebrity guest: fashion designer Rachel Zoe, who’s there to style Becca in her collection for the night ahead. Becca puts on a fashion show for Arie, who displays an excellent set of boyfriend skills by appropriately complimenting her on each gown, and then telling her that she can keep all of them. Ten points for Arie.

Like a true Prince Charming, he then gets down on one knee and presents her with a large chest, which he opens to reveal a pair of sparkly Christian Louboutin pumps.

“At the end of the day, Arie is what I’m here for,” she says. “So we could have really done anything today, and I would have enjoyed every second of it.” Okay. Sure, Becca. But the thousands of dollars of high-end merchandise certainly don’t hurt, do they?

Arie tells Becca he wanted to spoil her because he feels like she’s “down to earth” and it “wouldn’t fall on deaf ears,” which is funny because it kind of makes him sound like he thinks the rest of these ladies are shallow AF. And just when you thought we were done with the extravagant surprises, a man in a suit appears out of nowhere with a briefcase full of Neil Lane jewels.

Becca, while Arie helps her put on the earrings: “Have you ever done this before?”
Arie, clearly not thinking: “Yeah!”
Becca: “Oh. Okay.”
Arie, hurriedly correcting himself: “Uh, for my mom.”

Nice save, Arie. But Becca doesn’t care, because she’s dripping in diamonds and making out with Arie’s “pillow”-soft lips. Hey, did you guys know Arie is like, a really good kisser? No? Well, don’t worry. You’ll be reminded at least six times per episode!

Later that night, Arie takes Becca out for dinner. He talks a lot about race car driving and real estate, and it’s kind of a snooze fest, but then Becca opens up about her family, and it’s suddenly way more intense because she lost her dad to brain cancer. By the end of the night, these two are super cute together. And yes, she gets the rose — but she also gets to keep the Neil Lane earrings, so even if she loses the season, she still wins.

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The next morning, it’s time for the second one-on-one date, which goes to Krystal. Arie tells Krystal she made “an amazing first impression” on him, and for their date, he’s flying her via private plane to his hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona. Once they get there, he drives her around in a Porsche, pointing out the park bench where he had his first make-out and the Pizza Hut where he worked his first job. He even takes her to his house, showing her some of his most embarrassing baby pictures and home videos.

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But the real test comes later in the day, when Arie takes her to meet his parents and brother. For the most part, it seems to go well — but internally, Krystal is panicking because she knows she’s going to have to open up to Arie about her own “less traditional” family and upbringing. She eventually does later that night, telling him about how her mom and dad got divorced when she was younger, and how she never really felt wanted by either of her parents. She even tells him about her younger brother — and how she found out that he had been living on the streets, essentially refusing to allow her to help him.

Though she was worried it would scare him off, Arie responds with compassion. They cap the night off with a private concert, and Krystal gets the one-on-one rose.


By the time the group date rolls around, the remaining women are practically foaming at the mouth to spend time with Arie. Scoring a coveted spot on the date are Maquel, Marikh, Tia, Valerie, Annaliese, Lauren G., Kendall, Bekah M., Jenny, Seine, Jenna, Caroline, Brittany, Bibiana and Chelsea.

The date itself is, of course, geared toward Arie being able to show off: The 15 women travel to a race track to compete in a demolition derby, which is an insane sport that somehow really does exist. It consists of drivers deliberately ramming their vehicles into one another, and the last one standing — meaning, the driver whose vehicle is still operational by the end — is awarded the victory.

Paul Hebert/ABC
Arie's group date
Paul Hebert/ABC

The activity is basically bumper cars on crack, and Annaliese is completely traumatized due to a past experience with bumper cars in which she got stuck in the middle of the track and — you guessed it — got bumped. Tragic!

Poor Annaliese dissolves into tears, and Arie does a good job of keeping a straight face while he comforts her. The other women, not so much.

Arie and Annaliese
Paul Hebert/ABC
Paul Hebert/ABC

But even Annaliese has some healthy aggression to let out, and every single one of the women proves to be an absolute savage on the track. (Seinne wins, and Tia comes in second place.)

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Later that evening, the group heads out for the evening portion of the date. The first woman to steal Arie away is — surprise, surprise — Chelsea. Chelsea finally reveals her “big secret” to Arie — that she’s a mom. “Cool, that’s great — so happy for you!” said none of the other girls.

Arie, meanwhile, is busy crushing hard on Bekah. As the two are off quite literally sucking face, Bibiana grows increasingly frustrated at the lack of time she’s had with Arie. (In her defense, as she admits, she does not know a single thing about this man other than the fact that he’s 6’2” and has light eyes.) She makes a scene and storms out of the room but regains her composure by the end of the evening — only to have Arie hand out the group date rose to Seinne.


Going into the cocktail party, tensions are running extremely high, especially for the contestants who’ve had little to no time with the man of the hour. As the night wears on, Arie bounces from one woman to another — making sure to sneak in another make-out session with Bekah — but there’s just not enough Arie to go around.

At last, Bibiana finally gets her time with him — only to be interrupted mere minutes later by Krystal, who not only has already spoken to Arie that night but also has a rose secured from her one-on-one. She’s committed a cardinal Bachelor sin, and Bibiana is out for blood.

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Bibiana wastes no time confronting Krystal, scathingly insulting her airy, sing-song voice and warning her to “back the f— up.”

“I really think at this point, nobody’s going to respect your time,” she fumes. “You just dug a big a— hole for yourself.”

Bibiana (left) and Krystal

Finally, it’s time for the rose ceremony. Arie ends up sending Lauren J., Valerie and Jenny home — prompting one of the most awkward eliminations in Bachelor history when Jenny teeters out of the room in her heels, refusing to give Arie a goodbye hug or even make eye contact with him. He follows her outside and apologizes, confessing that he “just didn’t see it.”

“I just definitely don’t think this thing is for me,” she says.

“Yeah,” responds Arie. “I mean, it’s hard to open up.”

“I’m not sad about you,” she corrects him. “I’m sad about leaving my new friends.”

“I know you made friends,” responds Arie, displaying remarkable patience. “But at the end of the day, it’s more than that here, you know? Give me a hug. I hope you find what you’re looking for.”

“All right. See ya!”

Oh, Jenny. Jenny, Jenny, Jenny.

“I got broken up with for the first time,” she later tells the camera. “I’m so like, shocked. I literally came into this thinking I would end up with him, but he literally picked a taxidermist over me. I feel like I embarrassed myself.”

Well, she’s not wrong.

The Bachelor airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.