The Bachelor Sneak Peek: Ambulance Called After Peter Weber's Golf Cart Injury in Costa Rica

PEOPLE's exclusive preview also shows one woman threaten "to set the whole jungle on fire"

A double-dose of The Bachelor is coming right up.

ABC will air two episodes of the reality show next week — and if PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak peek is any indication, we’ll be getting double the drama, too.

The teaser opens during the second half of this week’s rose ceremony, with Peter Weber in way over his head after choosing to bring Alayah back on the show after eliminating her following the other women’s suggestions that she’s fake.

“How in the world do I fix this?” he asks himself.

Then, the teaser skips ahead to this season’s trip to Costa Rica, where Peter sustained a forehead injury in a golf cart accident. But it appears the small bandage on his forehead is the least of his worries, with tensions still simmering amongst the ladies.

“Last night she had a huge mental breakdown,” Tammy tells Peter before the teaser cuts to a scene of Kelsey demanding, “Who said I was emotionally unstable?”

“I swear to God, I’m going to set the whole jungle on fire,” Tammy warns.

And Peter has some huge decisions to make.

“This is my life, this is my wife,” he says, telling two women in the following scene, “I can’t have both of you continue past tonight.”

Last but not least, the clip cuts to Peter holding up a towel to his forehead as an ambulance arrives after his infamous golfing injury in October.

Peter Weber Bachelor

Speaking to PEOPLE in December and opening up for the first time about what really happened, Peter, 28, said it was “just a freak accident” and that he bumped his head on the top of a golf cart.

“As I reacted, I put my head down and brought my hand up, but I had a glass in my hand,” he explained. “[The glass] shattered and ended up slicing my forehead open.”

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“I felt zero pain,” he said. “I think my adrenaline was going like crazy. It wasn’t until a couple hours in when it just kind of settled down. But the actual act of it, though, there was no pain. Blood everywhere, but no pain!”

Peter Weber
Jonny Marlow

Production immediately set about arranging medical assistance for him, and the show continued without delays.

“I had an amazing plastic surgeon,” he said. “Thank God he was there to stay open late and sew me up. He did a really good job. And now, I got a good battle scar. It’s a memory that will always remind me of this journey!”

The Bachelor continues next week on Monday and Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. In the meantime, share your thoughts on this season in our new Facebook group, Bachelor People.

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