Will Bianca get over Dylan's love of the Avengers hero?
Credit: ABC

It’s time for more Baby Bachelorette!

In an exclusive look at Monday’s installment of the adorable Jimmy Kimmel Live segment, Bianca, the Baby Bachelorette, worries that one of her suitors loves Captain America more than he loves her (and she’s totally right).

“I love Captain America so much,” says tot Dylan, who seems to be perpetually dressed like the Avenger.

In a confessional, Bianca expresses her worries.

“I think Dylan likes Captain America more than me,” she says.

As if to prove her point, Dylan runs around screaming, “I Love Captain America.”

Though this undoubtedly will hurt him at the Unicorn Ceremony, Dylan doesn’t seem concerned.

In fact, he assess his performance on the show this way: “I’m crushing it.”

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