Photo: Robert Voets/CBS
December 10, 2007 12:00 AM

After accidentally booking a business class ticket from Lithuania to Croatia (a violation of the the race rules), Azaria and Hendekea Azene were forced to miss the flight and unable to catch up to their competitors, causing them to become the sixth team to leave the Amazing Race. PEOPLE chatted with brother-sister duo to find out what exactly happened at Vilnius International Airport, who gets the prizes they won and what’s next for them. Did someone say modeling?

What would you have done differently? Azaria: I would have yelled “Economy!” Hendekea: At the top of our lungs!

What went through your mind when you realized you’d make a mistake?Hendekea: Everything happened so quickly. It was almost like we didn’t have time to feel anything. The depression set in after we were eliminated. Azaria: We were definitely in reactionary mode, where we were just reacting to everything that was happening rather than being proactive like we had been for the journey of the race before then.

What did you learn on the race?Azaria: I learned that Hendekea needs to go the bathroom before we leave! No, I learned that she’s got a lot of character. She’s got a lot of hidden talents that you might not be able to see on the outside. She was really tolerant and accepting of me in dealing with my flaws. Hendekea: I learned a lot about myself. Going into this, I even underestimated my own ability just because I know the Amazing Race is very physical, and I’ve never been that athletic. Because I’m skinny and short, I thought that it was going to be a little more difficult for me and I found that I’m as capable as anyone else out there and I surprised myself.

You won some prizes along the way. How will you split them up?Hendekea: I’m going to get whatever I want. Azaria: Just like usual. Hendekea: It’s great being the little sister.

What’s next for you guys?Hendekea: I’m an aerospace engineer so I’m working in building satellites and all that fun stuff. And I’m planning on going back to school soon. So that’s on my horizon as well. Azaria: I’m thinking about moving out to the West Coast and going to work in L.A. Hendekea: You want to be a model now? Azaria: I got a taste of the industry! No, I’m still in New Orleans, working the same job and living my happy life. I like the way that things are working for me right now.

How has this experience changed you?Hendekea: It’s definitely brought us together. I’ve never spent so much time with any other living human being. We were together twenty-four/seven for a month and one week–and I was counting down every day of it! Because we learned so much and we were forced to give and take, it made us a lot more open then we are to each other in our everyday life.

Would you do it again?Hendekea: If they called me up tomorrow and they were like “You need to come now. Drop everything,” I would be there in a split second. –Jed Dreben

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS

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