By People Staff
Updated September 11, 2008 12:00 AM
Credit: Jay Sullivan /NBC ; Barbara Nitke/NBC

Last night’s Project Runway threw the designers a major curveball: Two designers would be going home after the avant-garde team challenge that paired the remaining contestants with previously kicked-off designers. (Read the recap.) Terri Stevens and her partner Keith could barely find common ground, while Michael Kors told Blayne Walsh his model look like she was “pooing fabric.” Calling separately from New York, the designers opened up about the challenge, their personal rivalries and what they missed most while being on the show.

On the double-elimination challenge:Blayne: That was the biggest frustration for me. It’s like, OK, you asked us to do this big elaborate avant-garde piece, but then you throw this crazy thing at us. That’s the name of the game, but that pushed us. It was definitely a stressful thing but you just had to re-center and refocus and get it done. Terri: None of the challenges were ever challenging to me. This is what I do. I can make a tuxedo with shoes or spats in like a day, so that has nothing to do with it. I don’t even know zodiac, but I can handle it. I was totally into the challenge.

On Blayne catchphrase, ‘Holla atcha boy’:B: I always tell that alls I know how to be is Blayne, and that’s all I can do. Everything with the catchphrases was definitely not premeditated. It was definitely Blayne being Blayne.

On their so-called rivalries with Christian and Keith:B: Oh, I hate it so much. There’s a lot of stuff online and I think Christian even did an interview … and just said I was annoying and my catchphrases would never work. And I’m like, ‘Dude, you better slow down, because you don’t even know me.’ I hate that are making me out to be the next Christian. I’m Blayne. I’m not Christian, nor do I want to be. T: They made it seem like Keith was there the whole time, and he wasn’t. Keith checked out on me after an hour and a half. I’m like, I can’t be Dr. Phil. I can’t be Mother Theresa. I’m Sister Theresa, and this is not my calling to give you therapy when I’ve got a challenge. We’re not here to be BFFs, and I don’t need one. He was there telling everyone, ‘Terri should leave’… And I was feeling sorry for him. I said, ‘You have to come here with an attitude of showing America ‘I was gone too early.’ This was your second chance.

On what they missed most while taping:B: I was right back in the tanning bed after the show! They didn’t let me go tanning but there were times you could go out on breaks and go outside. When we were there, New York was having a crazy heat wave, so I would always lay out for 10 minutes. So I got some sun exposure. But I watched last night’s episode. I was like, ‘Noooo! I’m pale.’ T: I’m hoping McDonalds calls me soon because I went on an eight-day hunger strike until I got my cheeseburger Happy Meal. Seriously! I lost eight pounds. And they finally gave it to me and told me I had to eat it on camera. If you had seen me eat it, it was embarrassing. You know how you can never eat watermelon with class? That’s how I ate it! It was the best cheeseburger ever.

Tell us: Do you think Blayne or Terri was unfairly voted off? Did having the formerly auf’d designers hurt or help them in this challenge?

Jay Sullivan /NBC ; Barbara Nitke/NBC