Audrina Patridge: 'It's Reality' on The Hills

Photo: Craig Barritt/JPI

After rumblings that MTV’s The Hills is actually scripted, Audrina Patridge, who took over from Heidi Montag on the show as Lauren Conrad’s best friend, insists what appears on screen is actually fact.

“Everything is real,” Patridge, 22, told PEOPLE at Monday’s HPNOTIQ’S Hollywood Halloween Party at Les Deux–where she was dressed like Madonna (during her “Like a Virgin” period).

“Lauren and me are real friends,” says Patridge. “We live in our apartment. That’s real, like where we work, everything. The situations are real.”

Qualifying her statement, she adds: “I mean, they might be kinda like, ‘Okay, we want you to go to Les Deux tonight,’ so we go and whatever happens, happens. And they might do things to tweak it a little bit, but our reactions–it’s totally real. It’s reality.” –Alondra Hernandez

Photo:Craig Barritt/JPI

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