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May 16, 2008 12:00 AM

Audrina Patridge has bared herself in a series of risque photos and shared her life for television audiences, but she maintains she doesn’t do it for the fame.

“I am not an attention w—-,” the 23-year-old star of The Hills tells Vegas Magazine, which hits newsstands June 1. “I’m not going to release naked photos of myself just to get attention. I’d rather get different attention and be respected.”

Clearing the air, Patridge said the first round of photos, which show her topless in several backdrops, “were never supposed to be seen.” And the second round, released shortly after the first set hit the Internet, the photographer misrepresented what he intended to do.

“He was like, ‘Let’s just do these, it’ll be like a Maxim thing,'” she said of them. But it was the public’s reaction to the photos that surprised her. “People were like, ‘You have fake boobs.’ And I’m like, ‘No I don’t, but thanks. I take that as a compliment.'” Aside from the constant scrutiny, Patridge says the show has other drawbacks, especially in the dating world.

“It’s hard to date a decent, nice guy,” says Patridge, who is on-again, off-again with Justin Bobby. “When I date a guy, sometimes the public attention scares them off, or sometimes they start liking it so much they like that more than they like me.”

As for Bobby, she claims the editing process is a bit unfair to him as well. “Whenever there’s no cameras around, it’s different,” she said, but understand that want to see a mean Justin Bobby because “it makes better TV.”

Now that The Hills is on hiatus, Patridge has a small role in Into The Blue 2 and she will be celebrating her birthday this weekend at LAX Nightclub in Las Vegas. — Mark Gray

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