"It's very passionate, intense and feisty," Audrina Patridge says in her exclusive PEOPLE blog

Coming in first last week felt so good! When we started dancing, my partner Tony Dovolani and I got completely lost in the story, and after, I felt like I was still in it. We were just in awe. Our goal was to perform a routine that everyone could really feel and relate to, and that’s what we did.

We were the first team to score a nine so far this season, and that feels amazing. But now there’s definitely more pressure to push ourselves even harder to maintain our score or go bigger.

This week Tony and I are dancing the Argentine tango. It’s kind of frustrating. It’s a mixture of Latin and regular ballroom dancing, and it’s really hard. There’s so much detail, and it’s very passionate, intense and feisty. There are also lots of kicks, flips and lifts. They’re a little scary! I really have to put all my trust in Tony and just jump up there and kick my legs around him and trust that I’m going to land on my feet.

I’ve had a few scary moments where I’m supposed to run and jump on Tony and kick my leg up over his shoulder and flip, but I get scared, so I just jump. Tony’s like: “What are you doing?!” I got scared! He just says, “You cannot hesitate. You just have to do it. No hesitation!” So far Tony has caught me every time in rehearsal. He’s known for his lifts; it’s what he’s really good at. So I definitely trust him. I just have to open up and trust myself!

New Look for the Show

This week there will be a whole new stage for the show. They’re putting a round stage in the middle of our normal stage, raising it, and bringing in more chairs so that the audience will be even bigger than usual. The chairs will be right up close to the stage so when you look down there will be people surrounding us. It’s like as soon as we get comfortable with the stage and setting, they change it on us. The judges are also double scoring us this week in technique and expression. The competition is getting harder and harder!

I’m also hosting a talent competition for YOBI.tv while competing on Dancing With the Stars this season. People from all across the world compete with different talents, anything from photography to singing or acting. Now that I’m competing on a show, I can really see what my contestants are going through.

I also want to say thank you so much to everyone who has been voting and supporting me. I’ve been reading all your nice Tweets about how our dance last week touched so many wives whose husbands have been deployed and people who have lost loved ones in war. It just gives me chills all over again. It feels so nice to reach out and touch someone through dancing. It’s such a great feeling! Thanks again – and please remember to vote.

Love, Audrina