March 08, 2018 01:31 PM

Audrina Patridge is asking that her estranged husband Corey Bohan be stripped of his visitation rights with their 1-year-old daughter Kirra after allegedly displaying “angry, rude and emotionally abusive” behavior toward the child and keeping tabs on Patridge’s whereabouts.

According to papers obtained by The BlastThe Hills alum is “more afraid of him now than ever, and fear[s] for the safety of our daughter Kirra when she is in his care.”

Patridge requested temporary restraining and child abduction prevention orders against the professional BMX biker Sept. 18 — and filed for divorce two days later. A judge granted the former reality star full custody of their child. Bohan was given visitation rights, with drop-offs to occur at a police station and conversations between the parents to be held through the communication service Talking Parents.

However, Patridge says she is “frightened by Corey’s escalation of his anger and threats” and “no longer feels safe” with face-to-face interactions with Bohan after he allegedly threatened her while picking up Kirra at the police station.

“You better start f—ing playing nice, I’m f—ing warning you,” she claims Bohan told her in the incident, which she says she recorded. Patridge added in the filing that Bohan has also followed her out of the parking lot and once “swerved his vehicle dangerously close to my sister.”

Corey Bohan and Audrina Patridge
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In the documents, Patridge also accuses Bohan of stalking her by monitoring her social media accounts, despite her attempts to block him.

“Corey, during our exchanges, will comment about who I was with last week or where I might have been. This tells me that he is watching me on social media,” she says in the filing. “He then uses this information to make attacks on me as a person and a mother, which comments I believe violate the DVRO.”

She alleges that Bohan makes comments about Patridge’s parenting in front of their daughter, citing one occasion when he allegedly told Kirra, “Mommy doesn’t pick you up anymore because she’s an L.A. party girl.”

Patridge further claims that Bohan should be stripped of his visitation rights because he is putting their daughter in danger. The TV personality claims he is living with a roommate who is under a restraining order for attacking the mother of his children. She also cites an incident in which Bohan was taking a Snapchat video while driving with Kirra in the car.

Although she believes Bohan has taken parenting and anger management classes, the reality star says she has seen no improvement in his behavior.

“It appears he is using our daughter spitefully, to frighten and hurt me,” Patridge says in the papers. “I do not believe, under the current circumstance, that visitation is in Kirra’s best interest until Corey obtains professional individual therapy for an extended period of time.”

In his own filing, Bohan accused Patridge of “purposely sabotaging” his time with Kirra and denies any domestic violence.

Bohan denied Patridge’s original accusations in a legal response Sept. 21, claiming she and her family had been “harassing” him. Bohan has requested joint legal and physical custody of Kirra, as well as spousal support.

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