Ashton Gets Paris Hilton's Help to Punk Press

Photo: Mavrixphoto

Just when you thought Ashton Kutcher was out of the celebrity pranking game, he’s jumping back in.

You may have seen blogs and tabloids covering a couple of odd events in the past few weeks: Paris Hilton meeting with a new guru and Avril Lavigne showing off a possible baby bump. Turns out, Kutcher was just trying to punk the press for his new undercover reality show Pop Fiction, which aired for the first time Sunday night on E!

The show, which credits Kutcher as an executive producer, has celebrities like Hilton and Lavigne playing along with actors — like Hilton’s guru — to poke fun at the paparazzi who chase them and to try and fool the media into thinking they’ve got a scoop and report it to the public.

“We’re having fun,” producer Jason Goldberg says of the project. “But we want to say to , ‘Can you really believe everything you read and see?'” –Jonathan Stern

Tell us: Did Ashton, Paris and the Pop Fiction producers fool you? Is the show a good idea?Mavrixphoto

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