The two actresses and High School Musical alums have been best friends for years

Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens are BFF goals – but what are their hangout sessions really like?

According to Tisdale, they’re super low-key – in fact, the ideal girls night out is actually a girls night in!

“We do dinner parties,” Tisdale, 31, told PEOPLE Now. “A lot of the time we do dinner parties at one of our houses, and we all cook dinner together and have a bunch of girls over. Sometimes we do a themed night – she loves a good theme. One time we watched the Victoria’s Secret model show and I had onesies for everyone.”

Tisdale, who is starring in the upcoming comedy Amateur Night, also revealed the two live just down the street from one another.

“So we just see each other as much as we can. She’s my best friend,” Tisdale added.

And the best part? They get to double date, Tisdale with her husband Christopher French, 34, and Hudgens, 27, with her longtime boyfriend Austin Butler, 24.

“I mean, it’s great because Austin was my best friend since way before they got together, so it’s just nice to have your two best friends be in a relationship,” Tisdale said.

The ideal double date? It’s all about keeping it simple, according to Tisdale.

“Going to dinner, hanging out,” she said.

And despite the Snapchat shenanigans they share from time to time, Tisdale says when the two BFFs are together, they’re “very much present.”

“We’re not someone trying to frantically get [a picture], it just will happen organically,” she said. “Sometimes we’ll be hanging out and we don’t even Snapchat or Instagram or anything, and that’s sometimes the best time because you’re just like, very present in the moment.”

Amateur Night hits U.S. theaters Aug. 5.