The TV stars are confronting a harsh reality amid reports that their husbands joined the infidelity site – but a look back at clips from their on-screen relationships shows signs of trouble
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The Ashley Madison hack has lead to a number of shocking relationship revelations.

But devoted viewers of The Real Housewives of New York City, Jersey Shore and Snooki & JWoww may have noticed signs some of the implicated couples were already in hot water.

Though Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has fiercely denied recent reports that her husband Jionni Lavalle used the infidelity website, Real Housewives of New York City star Kristen Taekman‘s husband Josh Taekman has apologized for having an Ashley Madison account.

The two reality stars showcased their relationships on their respective shows, and, looking back, we do see clues that trouble was brewing in their strained relationships.

Disappearing Men
In season 4 of Jersey Shore the party-crazy crew headed to Italy to see what kind of European mischief they could get into. Snooki’s then boyfriend Jionni comes to visit in episode 8, but the pair did not have a fairytale reunion. After Snooki refused to stop dancing provocatively at a club, Jionni disappeared into the night, leaving her screaming in the Italian streets.

Jionni isn’t the only one who wasn’t always there for his lady. Josh’s absence from family affairs often caused tension on RHONY. In season 6, Josh left a busy day at work to be at his infant daughter’s physical therapy session with Kristen, and he made it clear he was not happy about taking the time away from the office. “I think I would rather be in a business meeting,” he told Kristen while she plays with their daughter.

Business Before Family
Josh has had difficulty considering the family consequences of his business decisions. When he and Kristen joined Heather Thomson and her husband for dinner, the truth came out about the hardship his entrepreneurial pursuits caused his family. Twice, Josh made the choice to move the family across the country without consulting his wife first, and the businessman had no intention of changing his self-serving ways.

Baby Blues
On Snooki & JWoww, after Snooki and Jionni welcomed baby Lorenzo home, they fought over their son’s attention. “I love that you give him attention, but you ignore me, and that just bugs me out,” Snooki explained about why she was annoyed by Jionni’s interactions with Lorenzo.

“I knew maybe we would start bickering a little bit because people get married, they have the greatest marriage the first year, then they have a kids and they want to get divorced,” Snooki cryptically said to the camera.

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The Couple That Complains Together…

Kristen and Josh finally made time for a couple’s night in the RHONY season 6 premiere, and they used their evening away from the kids to fondly remember their pre-parental lives. The couple was clearly stressed about their parenting duties, and, although Josh admitted he didn’t “thank her enough for being such a great partner,” Kristen thought his declaration seems “fake and phony.”