How' Bachelor Winter Games' ' Ashley I. and Kevin Are Making Their Long Distance Relationship Work

After multiple seasons of heartbreak on The Bachelor franchises, things are finally turning around for Ashley Iaconetti

After multiple seasons of heartbreak on The Bachelor franchises, things are finally turning around for Ashley Iaconetti.

The Bachelor Winter Games star is currently in a relationship with Kevin Wendt, a former Canadian Bachelorette contestant who competed on the Olympic-themed spin-off show with her.

“When I saw him for the first time at the parade, I was like, ‘That means trouble. He’s hot. I’m probably going to cry, and it’s not going to work out,'” Iaconetti, who has become known for weeping on TV, tells PEOPLE. “I went into the Winter Games just with the intention of hanging out with my friends ,so I had no idea that I’d meet somebody, too. I definitely was like, ‘Foreign guys!’ But Canada, sure.”


Now that filming is over, Wendt says there have been pros and cons.

“The negative is we don’t just get to wake up in the same house and have no responsibilities but to each other — that’s pretty awesome on the show,” Wendt says. “Now it’s fun because we find out about each other and what we want to do.”

He continues: “It’s kind of a relief when you get the TV part over with like, ‘We’re going to Disneyland!'”

Just like the Super Bowl champs, Wendt and Iaconetti stayed true to their word and made their trip to Disneyland a double date with fellow Winter Games couple Courtney Dober and Lily McManus. The couples are all smiles in pictures shared exclusively with PEOPLE.

Courtesy ABC
Courtesy ABC

Though Wendt is still based in Canada and Iaconetti in Los Angeles, the two make it work by “a lot of FaceTime” and phone calls.

“I’m a caller,” Wendt says, to which Iaconetti adds, “He will call to be like, ‘What’s your location?’ I’m like, ‘Just text me that.'”

While Iaconetti has been open about being a virgin in the past, she says that she’s making that part of her life private now since it involves Wendt.

Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC

“Now there’s somebody else attached to it, so why should I bring him into a storyline that I created for myself?” Iaconetti says. “I was comfortable talking about all that, but he’s a 34 year old man who has been engaged before. He doesn’t need that in the public.”

Wendt agrees: “Whose business is it but ours?”

After winning the first ever Canadian season of The Bachelorette and proposing to Jasmine Lorimer, Wendt says he was “skeptical” about joining Winter Games until he pulled up to the Vermont villa.

“I was nervous that I wasn’t ready to move on and not necessarily start dating but meet someone that I actually truly care about,” he says. “Ben [Higgins] had the experience — it forces you to really look in the mirror of whether you can do it or not. Then I showed up and just kind of made some friends, and Ashley made it easy.”

Iaconetti quips, “Nobody ever said I made anything easy. I am not an easy person.”

Though it seemed like a love triangle was beginning to form early on in the season when Wendt used his date card to ask Bibiana Juliana out, the couple says there was no drama with her when they ended up dating instead.

“If I wouldn’t have won the first event, there wouldn’t have been a love triangle because I wouldn’t have had a date card and I would’ve found out in the house quicker that me and Ashley had something,” Wendt says.

The season finale of The Bachelor Winter Games airs on Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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