January 09, 2018 12:15 PM

Ashley Graham has always been all “about Oprah [Winfrey]” — and even more so after the former TV host delivered a powerful speech at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards.

The model tells PEOPLE Now that Winfrey’s words about equality resonated with her personally, as one-half of an interracial relationship. (Graham’s husband Justin Ervin is black).

“If you’re in an interracial relationship and you’re not talking about race constantly, then I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Graham says. “It’s something that my husband and I have many conversations on. How we’re going to raise our children, what it’s like for him to walk down the street, what it’s like for him to have gotten jobs along the way versus what it’s like to be a white woman in America.”

Continues the 30-year-old, “It’s amazing to get a whole other perspective, because for so long you’ve had one idea of your world.”

And if Winfrey should end up running for president, Graham says she’s “100 percent” behind her.

“She’s always been someone I look up to, she’s an idol,” says Graham, adding, “She’s just also been such an advocate for women, for people who have never really had an opportunity in life.”

Graham also tells PEOPLE Now that she’s excited about her return as a judge to America’s Next Top Model for cycle 24.

Working with the show’s host Tyra Banks, is the biggest draw, she says, noting, “She knows the ins and the outs.”

“When we had to go and do all of our lines I mean she killed it every time,” Graham tells PEOPLE Now. “I was taking mental notes every single day… She’s just amazing and she’s also a great mentor. I could call her right now, and be like, ‘Okay girl, what would you do in this business decision?’ and she would be like, ‘I would do this.’ “

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