Thank you for being a very artistic friend

Credit: Michael Denison

Men, cheesecake, shoulder pads … the ladies of The Golden Girls make the AARP life look sweet. Maybe that’s why the show continues to be a creative spark for pop culture enthusiasts.

Michael Denison of Boston, Mass., is one of many artists to draw inspiration from the series, which ended more than 20 years ago. In September 2013, Denison started his Bea A Day Tumblr and Twitter posts. The GG devotee has vowed to create an original Bea Arthur portrait every day for the next year.

The project has already produced oddly genius mashups between The Golden Girls and current entertainment subjects, such as Bea-yoncé, Breaking Bea and ChewBeacca.

Thanks to the accompanying hashtag, #BeaADay, the pictures are starting to trend on Twitter. Denison takes suggestions from his quickly growing fanbase, so now’s the time to look at Denison’s artistry below and start brainstorming which form you want Dorothy Zbornak to take next.

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