By People Staff
Updated June 09, 2008 12:00 AM
Credit: Fred Norr/Lifetime

After an explosion on the base that leaves four dead and 15 injured, grief set in on Lifetime’s season 2 premiere of Army Wives on Sunday. The wives must cope with fear and stress as they face life with missing husbands and unexpected deaths. “Normal is a word that doesn’t apply much any more, not around here,” Pamela (Brigid Banagh) says on her radio show.

• Claudia Joy (Kim Delaney), while knocked out from the blast, envisions that her daughter Amanda (Kim Allen) goes off to college. But when she regains consciousness, she must face the harsh reality that her daughter is a casualty of the explosion. • Roxy (Sally Pressman) freaks out when she can’t reach husband Trevor (Drew Fuller) while he’s on duty, and fears the worst. His superior Joan (Wendy Davis) assures Roxy that Trevor is safe. • Roland (Sterling K. Brown) is alive but injured, resting in a hospital bed. He apologizes briefly to Joan for an affair. • Pamela talks through the issues facing the wives on the radio, offering true to Lifetime philosophies: “Times like this we question our own strength,” she says. “It’s not in us to give up hope, even when any reason for hope has dwindled to almost nothing.” — Nicholas White

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