The Modern Family actress spoke about her newly strengthened relationship with her longtime beau
Credit: Angela Weiss/Getty

Things are definitely back on for Ariel Winter and her boyfriend Laurent Claude Gaudette.

The Modern Family star spoke to reporters about her man while attending a DJ night hosted by Vanity Fair, L’Oreal Paris and Hailee Steinfeld in West Hollywood on Friday.

“We love each other, so we are obviously meant to be together,” she shared, adding that “time” has helped to strengthen their relationship.

“When I first came to this school and met him, I immediately thought there was something special about him,” Winter, 18, said. “I got to know him and, almost three years later, we’re here.”

She added: “I love him, he’s great.”

The pair have been dating since late 2013 and, despite a short split at the end of 2015, are still going strong.

Winter also opened up about the impact being so open about her breast reduction surgery has had on her and other women.

“I am very grateful to speak out and reach girls older and younger than me,” she said. “It was very gratifying to hear some of their stories and how they said I inspired them. There are so many young girls going through what I am going through so I thought it was important to share.”

Reporting by RAHA LEWIS