Turns out the pop star can do more than just good vocal impressions – she can do actual impressions, too

By Adam Carlson
Updated March 13, 2016 11:15 AM
Credit: Source: Saturday Night Live/Hulu

Ariana Grande doesn’t just do really good vocal impressions – she does actual impressions, too.

The pop star, 22, put on her best Jennifer Lawrence (white dress, chopped blonde wig, “talks like a man but pH balance for a woman”) for a Family Feud skit on this weekend‘s Saturday Night Live.

Grande’s JLaw was all relatable, all the time. Every other word was “regular person.”

“They told me not to do a game show, but I was like, ‘Screw it, I can have fun, I’m a regular person,’ ” she said.

(“You know, you say you’re a regular person more than any regular person I know,” Kenan Thompson-as-Steve Harvey told her.)

Up at the buzzer, facing down Taran Killam‘s third-day-bender Quentin Tarantino, Grande turned her relatability to 11 when naming “bad habits you just can’t quit.”

“I’m just like a snackaholic, I mean I love Pringles,” she said. “If no one’s looking I’ll eat like a whole can, like every day is my cheat day, you know what I mean?”

And whaddaya know – even in an SNL skit, nearly half of America agreed with her.