For the first time, this season of the hit MTV show had no gender limitations in perfect matches

By Aurelie Corinthios
September 10, 2019 12:00 AM

WARNING: The following post contains spoilers.

They’re here, they’re queer, and they’re on a mission to win $750,000.

On Monday night’s season finale of MTV’s Are You the One?, the 16 sexually fluid contestants were given a 10th and final chance to take home the cash prize by correctly identifying all eight perfect matches. (Originally $1 million, it was slashed by $250,000 earlier this season after they “blacked out” — i.e. failed to identify a single perfect match during a match-up ceremony.)

At this point in the game, the house had confirmed one perfect match in the Truth Booth (Aasha and Brandon) and four others via strategy: Danny and Kai, Paige and Jenna, Nour and Jasmine, and Basit and Jonathan. That meant there were six stragglers left — Kari, Remy, Justin, Max, Kylie and Amber — and it was up to them to figure out the winning combination.

Needless to say, the pressure was on. “Us final six stragglers hold the entire game in our hands,” Justin said. “And our decisions will determine if we win or if we lose.”

Brian Bielmann/MTV

As they headed into their final challenge, the house wanted as many stragglers as possible to win so they could get one couple into the Truth Booth. And it worked out: Kylie, Kari and Basit won, and they headed out on dates with Amber, Jonathan and Max, respectively.

Meanwhile, the rest of the contestants had an important decision to make: They had to vote to send one couple into the Truth Booth. Ultimately, Amber and Kylie got voted in — but everyone was devastated when it was revealed that they were a confirmed no-match.

“This game is so hard,” Kylie said, choking back tears. “I feel like we let the house down. But I was following my heart.”

In a last-ditch resort to win the game, the six stragglers sat down together to have their most honest conversation yet about what they each want and need in a potential partner. For the first time, Amber and Remy started to see each other as an option, and so did Kylie and Justin.

But when Amber and Justin ended up spending the night in the boom boom room together after a skinny-dipping session, everyone — including Amber herself — was thrown for a loop.

“Right now, my head is telling me that Remy is my match,” she said. “But every part of my body is telling me it’s Justin. So now I’m confused.”

Finally, it was time for the final match-up ceremony. Amongst the six stragglers, Max went first and picked Kari. Then Amber, who admitted she was 50/50 on her decision, picked Remy. That left Justin and Kylie to couple up, and everyone was desperately hoping that Amber had made the right call.

“I feel like everyone’s fate depends on me,” she said. “I’m so scared. I’m really, really hoping I made the right choice.”

The beams started lighting up and everyone was on the edge of their seat. Amber had gone with her gut — and she was right. By the time the seventh beam lit up, the house realized they had won, and they lost it.

“As a queer community, the odds are always stacked against us,” Jasmine cheered. “We have overcome the odds.”

“Don’t be afraid, because you’re not alone,” Nour added. “You are f—ing loved.”

“We played with our heats, we played with our souls,” Amber said. “We fought, we cried, but we did it!”