'Are You the One?' 's Jenna Brown Breaks Things Off with Kai Wes: 'We Just Don't Work'

The MTV show follows 16 sexually fluid singles attempting to find their "perfect match"

The strongest couple from this season of Are You the One? is on the rocks.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday’s episode of the MTV dating show, Jenna Brown pulls Kai Wes aside to express her concerns after the latest match-up ceremony. (This season, which is the first to feature a sexually fluid cast, will allow the 16 contestants 10 chances to each identify their “perfect match.” At the latest match-up ceremony, the group only scored two beams out of eight for the second week in a row.)

Sitting down with Kai, Jenna admits she doesn’t think the two are a perfect match.

“There are reasons that we just don’t work — the open relationship thing, I don’t want to every day watch you f— with somebody else,” she says as footage rolls of Kai making out with another contestant, Kari Snow, during a game of truth or dare the night before.

“Go get Kari, dude,” Jenna says. “Like, that made me feel so insecure. And I’ve told you I’m insecure about it and you know that would make me feel more insecure. I don’t want to do this anymore.”

“Seriously? Can you explain to me why you feel 100 percent sure that we’re not a perfect match?” Kai demands.

“We had three couples that were sitting there from the seven couples that could have been and we got two beams,” Jenna explains. “Mathematically, it just doesn’t seem like it could possibly be.”

With that, Kai loses it.

“You have logically reasoned me out of your life even though you have feelings for me!” he yells.

“Because if we’re not a match, we’re playing a game!” Jenna fires back.

“Exactly,” Kai says. “You’re reasoning me out because of a game. You reasoned me out of your life!”

Brian Bielmann/MTV

Later, Jenna says she needs time to reflect on where she stands.

“I need my space and I need to reevaluate the situation that I’m in,” she says. “Maybe I’m forcing myself to be disconnected from Kai because I’m afraid of him hurting me.”

“Is this actually my dating issue, or are Kai and I not perfect for each other?” she wonders. “I second guess myself so much.”

Are You the One? airs Wednesdays (9 p.m. ET) on MTV.

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