'Are You The One?' How MTV's Hit Love Competition Works

There are a million reasons to find your one true love — literally

There are a million reasons to find your one true love.

The cast of Are You the One? season 7 was announced on Monday, bringing a new batch of 22 singles to Hawaii in hopes of finding their perfect match.

So just how does the romance competition work? Here’s a quick refresher ahead of the Aug. 8 premiere.

Prior to the show, the single men and women go through comprehensive interviews, compatibility tests and personality metrics that come together in an algorithm that identifies their ideal partner.

“The methods came from a combo of scientifically proven compatibility testing, as well as straight matchmaking,” executive producer Tiffany Williams previously told Entertainment Weekly. “The matchmakers got pretty deep into all of the contestants’ past relationship history, so they would do these interviews with the contestants and their family, friends, and exes. All that information was combined and analyzed.”

Once inside the house, the 11 couples fight to find their pre-selected perfect match in a house full of big personalities.

At the end of each week, the singles participate in a match-up ceremony, where they must “lock in” their perfect match. The number of correct matches is revealed, but not who the matches are (meaning the individual couples don’t necessarily know if they are actually one of the correct matches or not).

Are You The One Season 7 CR: Brian Bielmann/MTV
Brian Bielmann/MTV

The couples only have 10 attempts at finding the winning combination. If successful, they each get an equal share of $1 million. But if the couples fail to identify any new matches, their winnings are cut in half.

Aside from spending 24/7 in the house together, the couples are given the chance to get to know each other even more during weekly competitions that help test compatibility. The winners of the games then get to choose someone to accompany them on a date.

And not only do the couples then get to spend time together alone, but it also means the chance to enter the Truth Booth, where perfect matches are revealed and so many romantic duos’ hopes are shattered.

“The Truth Booth is the confirmation, and the getaway dates are valuable because they get to spend the one-on-one time,” Williams told EW. “But that’s the only other way [they can find out].”

If the Truth Booth reveals a confirmed match, the couple is then whisked away to the honeymoon suite where they spend the rest of the competition getting to know each other on a more intimate level.

But this season, there’s a new twist! Along the way, the singles will meet the new Fate Button, which will determine which couples will go on dates and ultimately play a role in who enters the Truth Booth.

As to how the singles determine who is their perfect match? Well, that’s completely up to them.

Are You the One? premieres Aug. 8 at 10 p.m ET on MTV.

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